Samsung Series 7 Slate - Easy Settings

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

Easy Settings allows you to customize a lot of things about your Samsung Series 7 Slate.

Everything found inside Easy Settings:
  • Touch Tunning
    • DPI Settings (chances Explorer text size, 125% default)
    • Touch Logon
    • Touch Tuning (increases window frame and button sizes, 100% default)
  • General
    • Silent Mode
      • Auto
      • Low
      • Off
    • Fast Start
    • Speed Boot
    • User Account Control (disabling it will you a better Windows 7 experience)
  • Power Management
    • Performance Profiles
      • High Performance
      • Power Saver
      • Samsung Optimized
    • On Battery Settings
    • On Plugged In Settings
    • Automatic dimming at 10% charge
  • Wireless Network
    • Airplane Mode
    • Wi-Fi
    • Mobile AP
    • Bluetooth
  • Display
    • Screen Brightness
    • Multiple Display Settings
      • Computer Only
      • Projector Only
      • Duplicate
      • Extend
    • Display Color
      • No Effect
      • Standard
      • Movie
      • Soft
      • Sharp
    • Auto Movie Color Enhancer
  • Desktop Background
    • Background Image
    • Location Method (Fill, fit, Stretch, Tile, Center)
    • Background Color
  • Screen Saver
    • Screen Saver
    • Wait Time
    • On resume display logon screen (disable this when you access Easy Settings, or else you are going to get a very unpleasant behavior of automatically login out)
  • SoundAlive
    • Profiles
      • Standard
      • Music
      • Movie
      • Speech
      • Silver (for people with hearing difficulty)
      • Advanced Sound Setting (allows 25 presets)
      • 3D Depth Sound Mode
    • Auto Volume (normalizes volume levels)
That's a lot of settings you can modify!

Note: After running Easy Settings my system began automatically login out. The culprit was the Screen Saver category. Just make sure to disable the "On resume display logon screen" checkbox.

Published: Nov 30, 2011


  1. Hey jessy, really cool vids! :-)

    Are there something lika a appstore? Or where can u download the apps? Are they on the Samsung page, too - or only preinstalled?

    Where can u install apps?

    greetings tobi

  2. Tobi,

    There's no included App Store on the Samsung Series 7 Slate. The apps found in the tablet are preinstalled. On windows there are plenty of "App Stores" which sometimes are not referred by those names.

    Hopefully this gives you some ideas:

  3. Dear Jesse:

    Are there anyway I could run/install Easy settings on Windows 8?

    Since I have upgraded to Windows 8 CP, I cannot use brightness controls using the official Samsung bluetooth keyboard, and no Fn button compinations are working except the volume controls (Fn+F6/F7/F8).

    I truly appreciate a fix, since I cannot seem to be able to successfully install Easy Settings on Windows 8.



    1. As you may already know some software will just not work in Win 8 due to incompatibilities. Some of the brightness controls are enabled when you install certain drivers, make sure to attempt to install as many of the official ones as you can.

    2. EDIT:

      My own discoveries:

      1. Install Samsung Easy Settings using Windows 7 Compatibility mode, and Admin prev.
      2. Reboot Tablet
      3. Run installed App using Windows 7 Compatibility mode, and Admin prev.

      Now You have all Fn Key combinations working, like Brightness and Silent Mode (On/OFF - Fn+F11)
      Also you can now Enable FAST START feature from within the App itself.

      a Word of caution though!
      after I finished installing the Tablet screen kept alternating its orientation automatically and like crazy, to resolve this:

      1. use ctrl+alt+del
      2. start Task Manager
      3. Kill SmartRotation.exe
      4. find a startup manager application, like AutoRUNS, and disable it from automatically starting up.

      All is Sweet!


  4. Hello Jesse,

    do you know how to save that settings in the Easy Settings tool? Because after every reboot all settings were set to their default values again on my tablet

    thanks in advance,

    1. The tablet should retain the settings, unless you don't have write/read rights. If this is the case then run the program as an Administrator (right click "Run as Administrator). Let me know how it goes.

    2. I tried it, but without success ... after a reboot all changed settings where gone
      But it might be that i blocked an autorun entry - i will have a look at that!


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