Samsung Series 7 Slate - Disable Swype And Enable TabTip

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

As you may have noticed Swype is not the best virtual keyboard because of inconsistent behavior. It seems like TabTip is still the better option.

How to disable Swype:
  • Open Swype through it's icon on the taskbar
  • Click and hold the Settings button
  • Uncheck the "Set as default keyboard" box, close the Settings window
  • Press the lock button (on the right side of Swype keyboard)
  • Close the Swype keyboard

How to Enable TabTip:
  • Do a four finger gesture (four finger tap)
  • Click on "Tools"
  • Click on "Options"
  • Check the "Use the Input Panel tab" box
  • Click the "Apply" button

You can also enable "Point to the Input Panel icon or the tab" for the convenience of clicking less times. It's better to do a single click than two clicks. Right? ;-)

With Swype disabled and TabTip back in control the Windows touch experience will be better, or at least more consistent.


Published: Nov 30, 2011

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