Samsung Series 7 Slate - Automatic Rotation

Gear: Samsung Series 7 Slate.

Windows tablets like the Samsung Series 7 Slate can do automatic rotation. Obviously Windows tablets are not as smooth on rotation as iOS and Android devices. Maybe Windows 8 can make things a bit smoother, we'll have to wait and see.

The Series 7 Slate's 1366x768 resolution and aspect ratio indicate that this tablet was made for Landscape mode. For those that do want to venture into Portrait mode it can be done. Obviously you will notice that not all Windows resize properly, also websites do not always adjust to the 768x1366 mode. Samsung did add a few programs that do resize to fit whatever orientation you are in so that's a good thing.

Portrait mode for note taking and list making is awesome. I love it!

Locking the rotation is sometimes very useful. There's nothing worse than watching a movie and the tablet randomly rotates. So Samsung did include a Rotation Lock Button. With this button you can lock/unlock the automatic rotation. It's a very nice feature.

For those that don't want rotation at all the Accelerometer Sensor can be disabled.

  • Hit Windows key
  • Type "Sensor"
  • Open "Location and Other Sensors"
  • Uncheck the box next to "STMicroelectronics 6-Axis Accelerometer"
  • Click Apply button

Overall I think the automatic rotation works well considering this is a Windows 7 tablet.

Published: Nov 23, 2011


  1. i cannot get my unit to rotate. i have installed win 7 pro 32.

    1. Reinstalling Windows removes drivers that the system needs. I recommend visiting Samsung's Support page and redownload things that are essential.

  2. i have downloaded drivers already. device manager shows all present.

    1. Try installing "ST Acc/Mag Sensor Driver"

  3. i have that already installed it was unchecked but after checking it. it still doesnt rotate. i will try and reinstall it maybe

    1. Try restarting the system. If that doesn't work then... there's really not much that can be done. Back in the Lenovo S10-3T days doing a clean install of Windows 7 removed sensor .DLL files which were needed for automatic rotation. Even installing drivers didn't solve the problem.

  4. I had this problem and found a solution, maybe it will help.

    Uninstall the Intel HD Graphics driver in Device Manager or in Control Panel>Uninstall program. Reboot the Slate and it will automatically open in Standard VGA graphics. If you have downloaded the Intel HD Graphics driver from Samsung's website, click on the Setup application in that folder and it will reinstall the Intel Driver.

    Reboot and voila, autorotation will work again! Hope it works for you

    1. That's an interesting step by step setup. Hopefully others check it out and confirm that it works.

    2. An update on this solution.

      I found out that Anti Virus and System Cleaning Utilities break the Auto Rotation!

      I uninstalled BitDefender AV, Glary Pro, Advanced System Care etc, whichever was in use.

      I now use Microsoft Security Essentials, brilliant FREE anti-virus anti-malware and does not mess anything up.

      With reinstall of Intel HD Graphics Driver, EVERYTHING works better. Auto Rotate works as it should, possibly a bit quicker and more responsive too.

      I think AV and System cleaners do something deep down in the registry and don't discriminate in what they remove, hence this problem.

      Hope this helps. Best wishes.

    3. That's great! I never thought those programs would change the rotation behavior.

  5. Installing Easy Settings software that is available under Easy Software Manager worked for me!!!!


  6. Thanks for the info; I had the rotation bug with win 8 and reinstalled 7; couldnt figure out how to enable the rotation sensor until i hit your blog.


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