Many Systems (Lenovo ThinkPad W520, X220T, DV6T QE, PlayBook)

Lenovo ThinkPad W520, HP Pavilion DV6T QE, Lenovo Thinkpad X220T, BlackBerry Playbook.

What can I do with all these systems? Well lets see some of the things that make each unique.

  • The W520 is what you want for color precision, stability, and reduced noise.
  • DV6T QE for gaming at a good price
  • X220T for power, portability and touch + pen input
  • PlayBook for a digital companion and not waste battery life on your main system
I had a few "mess ups" on the video, but that's because thoughts get crossed inside my brain.  :-)   Hopefully the video gives you a few ideas on screen quality, fan noise, performance and some of my thoughts.

Demo Scenes:


Published: Jun 7, 2011


  1. Great reviews on the lenovo w520. Have you tried UT3 (unreal tournament). I keep on hearing low FPS do to heat issues. Are you having to modify heat control parameters in bootup intialization files??

    1. I never tried UT3 with the system. The W520 has a Quadro graphics which is not as fast as GeForce series. The Quadro is made for reliability, so in this process it does seem to slow things down. (2m)

  2. Hello Jesse. Thanks for reviews. What do you think about portability of w520 ?? is w520 15.6" normal to have for portability in your opinion ? or would it be problem or heavy while carrying around in your backpack for example ?? thanks

    1. I started with the netbook category of systems, then moved to 12 inch, then 15 inch systems. I think the smaller it is the better for portability, although this can also hinder your program performance and visibility. A problem with small systems is the resolution. I wish I had a full 1080p screen on my HP laptop, but I am stuck with 1366x768. This is one of the reasons I use an external display a lot (Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 USB powered/data).

      Anything gets heavy carrying it for a while. The W520 would get tiring after a long enough period of time. If you got some flimsy muscles then it is going to feel heavy quick, if your body is like a "body builder" then it will be like carrying a feather. ;)

      I will be very happy when they make a 15 inch Ultrabook with enough power to run hardcore 3D and edit/render 1080p video capabilities. With new systems coming out this could be a possibility this year (2012).

      With new systems coming out the prices of some of older systems should come down. This is great for those looking into getting good value for money. I would replace my HP with a W520 like system. I would want a better GPU though. (5m)


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