HTC Flyer vs BlackBerry PlayBook - Camera Comparisons (Image and Video)

Gear: HTC Flyer, BlackBerry PlayBook, Slate Tablets.

I'm not a big fan of taking pictures or video with tablets. I think it's a bit silly.  Anyways for those interested in that information the video shows front and rear facing cameras in action in a shaky and windy scenario.  Different lighting conditions will render different results.

HTC Flyer

I have noticed the Flyer tries to adjust settings to make things better.  What you end up seeing is variable results and changes along recordings.  You can see this in action in the still images below.  The Flyer's MICs seem to capture everything and don't discriminate or try to reduce noise at all.

5MP Rear Facing (2592x1520, 902KB)
 This looks good...

and a second later it changes.

1.3 MP Front Facing (1232x720, 292KB)
Front facing image and video will be flipped

BB PlayBook

It seems that the PlayBook can capture more detail in both rear and front facing cameras.  On the audio department it seems that it tries to reduce noise, or might have a different capture angle.

5MP Rear Facing (2592x1456, 1.2MB)

3MP Front Facing (1048x1152, 501KB)


Again I'm not a big fan of image taking with tablets.  I would rather use my Sony HDR-CX150 camera for video.  For images a good DSLR camera will be the best.  But since I'm comparing these two tablets which one will be the best for video and images capture?  I think the PlayBook can capture more detail and therefore the winner.

Note: Picasa resizes the images so you won't see the full images.

Published: Jun 4, 2011

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