Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Adobe ID Problems

Some ePubs don't need Adobe ID, and some do.  Usually the ePubs that you buy will need to activate your mobile systems.

This could be phrased as:
  • I cannot open my .ePub books!
  • My Eee Note cannot activate Adobe ID!
  • ePubs not working with Eee Note 
  • Adobe ID doesn't work with Eee Note

The way to fix the problem is to:
  • Get your Adobe ID online (
  • Set your Eee Note's Date and Time Properly (under Settings in Eee Note)
  • Make sure your wifi settings are correct (under Settings in Eee Note)
  • Input your Adobe ID (Settings - Cloud service accounts - Adobe ID)

To Sync ePubs to Eee Note
To sync ePubs you will need EeeNoteSync (to sync files between PC and Eee Note) and have Adobe Digital Editions (this downloads the .ePub files).  When you download the .ePub files from places like Google Books and Kobo Books they will give you a file that is then opened with Adobe Digital Editions.  Digital Editions downloads the files to "C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\My Digital Editions".  From EeeNoteSync you can now add your .ePubs. to your Eee Note.

Hope that helps!

Published: Feb 4, 2011

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