Lenovo Ideapad S10-3T with Extras for Sale (SOLD)

I'm selling my S10-3T which I have used for a few months now and I have enjoyed it a lot.  But I'm selling most of my electronics.  I'm going hippie style, or something like that.

eBay Link:
Get an S10-3T

What's in the box:
Original Box
S10-3T unit (Intel N450 1.6Ghz version)
8 Cell Battery
Power Cable
Original Documents
Acer small USB Mouse (a nice compliment)
Kingston Bluetooth USB ($13 to $20 value)
2GB RAM Crucial DDR2 ($32 to $41 value)
80 GB Intel X25M SSD ($160 to $200 value)
Avermedia A317 TV Tuner ($25 value)
PNY 8GB SD Card ($11 to $21 value)
Windows 7 Starter

You are bidding on the star of the http://www.lenovos103t.com blog. You can view all the modifications that I have done to it at the blog. I will reformat the system to a fresh copy of Windows 7 Starter, install the needed drivers, and optimize the system.  I will leave a folder with optional and useful programs if you desire to install them.  It's easy to upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium if that's what you want.

Cosmetic damage (some scratches on the glossy surface, removal of plastic pillar for Mini PCI-E Cards, removal of SD Card slot plastic)  Nothing is damaged that prevents functionality.

Payment Method:

UPS to Continental US Only

If you have questions please send me a message.

Jesse B Andersen

eBay Link:

Get an S10-3T

 Avermedia A317 TV Tuner

 The whole package

 Original documents (unopened)

Click on the image to see full screen, there are some scratches on the surface

Nice and speedy 80GB SSD

 Kingston USB Bluetooth Dongle

Everything is functional.

 Power Cords

 Nice little Acer mouse compliment for the S10-3T

Not pictured (SD Card)

Published: Aug 26, 2010


  1. Hello,

    I looking deseperatly for the software who can play the AVerMedia A317 ...

    I find one on ebay, for my acer... but i don't find the software for it.

    Can you just give me the name of this software please .

    Tank you very much


    1. I don't have or remember the exact name of the software. All I remember is that I downloaded it from an FTP from aver.com

  2. how much did it finally sell for?

    1. I don't remember, but it wasn't much considering the added upgrades.


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