Project - Lenovo S10-3T has been up for a while and I have spent tons of time creating little tips that enhance this awesome netvertible.

I started the site because I bougth an S10-3T and saw huge potential.  This is one of the first "netbook" tablets known as "netvertibles" and we'll see more of them in time.  For now the S10-3T is an affordable machine that offers a "finger friendly" experience.

Since the website's creation to today (May 13th, 2010) there has been close to 20,000 unique visitors with over 60,000 page views.  The blog is doing really well and I hope many are enjoying it.  There are more tips on the way.  Enjoy your S10-3T!

Published: May 13, 2010


  1. hey I am using win7 x64 no driver at lenovo (Sorry. No item matches your selection. Please try again) and do you know witch blue tooth is use by factory so i buy the same since my did not come with one and I did not want to use up an usb port.

  2. There are no 64bit drivers from Lenovo. There's only 32bit ones. Some are compatible with the 64bit operating system. I'm not sure which bluetooth/wifi card that would be. If I had the system with integrated bluetooth then I could tell you. You could ask at Lenovo's S series forums.



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