iSiVaL MP720B1 - Mini Projector Details

Gear: iSival MP620B1.

I have wanted to create a setup with a projector for the longest time. Browsing through the internet I found a link to a very interesting product that had/has not gained enough attention. This is the iSiVaL Instruments projector (MP720B1). It mostly got my attention because of the small form factor, really great life (30,000 hours), and 720p to 1080p video resolution. For $500 it seemed too good to be true. So I ordered one and I'm super amazed at how well this projector works.  Other pico projectors might be about $300 to $400 but they don't offer as high resolution as this device does.  They might be a little more portable but they really don't deliver the picture quality that the iSiVaL does.

If I used this projector 8 hours a day it would give me 3,750 days or close to 10 years worth of life.  This is by far a better alternative to expensive projectors which you need to replace burned light lamps every once in a while.  If you had to haul around a 80 inch HDTV you would be in a lot of trouble, with the iSiVaL projector it's super easy to move from place to place.

It's not meant to work with a room with too much light, which is totally fine with me.  My "cave" is dark enough.

Excerpt from their website:
The new SiVal MP720B1 Hi-Definition Mini projector is the longest life mini-projector available with its cutting-edge LED technology. Its High Definition LCOS projection technology helps your presentation be memorable and successful. This portable and quiet projector is suitable to watch HD movies or play games .
  • 1280 x 768 HD Native Resolution – support 1080p, display up to 980,000 pixels with 16:9 (native) and 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Long Projection Life – This mercury-free LED light source has a long life up to 30,000 hours, saves money, and avoids replacing light sources. No warming up, no cooling down.
  • LCOS technology – Liquid Crystal On Single chip technology brings you life-like images and video.
  • Easy Connectivity - Multiple interfaces (HDMI, VGA, CVBS) deliver high quality connectivity to laptops, desktops, DVD/Blu-Ray players and gaming consoles. HDCP supported
  • Keystone Adjustment
  • Easy Usability – Easily controlled by Keypad on projector or by Remote Cotrol
  • Portable - Compact design with 5.9’’X 1.97’’ X 4.92’’ and a 1.76 pounds
  • Green Device – With the efficient, mercury-free LED technology, you can help protect our planet.

Published: Mar 16, 2010


  1. Hi!

    Just a question: it is given 60 Lumens, that means you need a complete dark room and not a too big screen, right? What screen size can you use at 2m distance?

    But I like this kind of LED projectors, nice!


  2. Yes you need a dark room to fully see the colors. You can see from my video that as soon as I turn the lights on the image washes up quite a bit. If you are in a 100% dark room the image is amazing.

    At 2 Meters away from the surface you will get 60cm height and 107cm width
    The same as a 48 inch wide screen tv.

    At 2 meters and 76cm you get:
    83cm height and 148cm width
    The same as a 67 inch wide screen tv.

    At about 3 meters
    93cm height and 163cm width
    The same as 74 inch wide screen tv

    Move the projector a little bit more back and you can get a 80 inch wide screen display! One day I will take the projector somewhere and try an entire building wall. It's going to be awesome!

  3. Did you try putting up an 80" wide screen and watch a movie with a background lights - say a small overhead (or floor standing light)?

    Would be great to see a video with that setup and see how well it'll work with a not-completely dark environment but where there is some small/light background.


  4. Thanks for the idea. I'll record a video and cover that. Completely dark environments are best, but we'll try a small light and maybe a laptop screen or LCD monitor.

  5. Hi. I am planning to buy this projector. It doesnt come with a bag right? Do you have any suggestions for a good protection bag for this projector? I checked out your euqipment and i didn't find anything like this. Just let us know if u found something good. I'm still looking for a perfect bag. thanks.

  6. It doesn't come with a bag. I do my fare share of travelling so I'll look around for one. My suggestions is to look at Best Buy for the best possible fit. Take your projector in there and try different bags.

    Another option is to look online for one. Which makes it a bit trickier to find the right size. You got lots of options

    The projector's dimensions are these:
    1.96’’ x 5.78’’x 5.11

    I'm looking for one that will also hold my Lenovo S10-3T and the iSival projector together. If I find something that fits perfectly I will post it on the site.

  7. Hi Jesse,

    I was searching the web for LED projectors and found your site. Very informative. This projector looks good. Can you speak more to the contrast ratio? How are the black levels? When a scene fades to black or goes blackout, does the screen go completely black? Also like your two projector wide screen set up. I think I'll do that too. Thanks for the information here.


  8. The contrast ratio is not great because of the 60 ansi lumens. This means that the projector must be in the a dark environment to get the best results. I'm super short on time but I enjoy the projetor very much. Yes the two projector setup is very neat and great for media.

  9. Does the iSival projector actually go up to 1920x1080 in windows or does it just downscale it and project at 720p?

  10. 720p output with 1080p input. Its exactly as you described.

    Details on the guide:

  11. I its like having a really big 720p tv then?

  12. I wouldn't quite say that. There are big differences between what a tv and a projector can do.

  13. Would it be possible for you to take a pic of this thing doing 1920x1080 in Windows? I am about to get it but I want to be sure that I am making the right move and not throwing 500$ in the hole :D.

    Ill probably use it as my primary display...


  14. @MG36
    I would not get this sytem to do 1920 x 1080 desktop computing. Text in Windows always has issues with projectors and this is no different. You would have to lower the resolution to get clear text. I have used it for media and that doesn't require the same clarity as text needs.

  15. Did you buy this off of Amazon? If so, how long did it take to get to you?

  16. Yes, and it didn't take that long. Like four days.

  17. Arrived to my US mailbox in 3 days...

  18. I've played around with it for a bit and have noticed that the IR Reciever is a bit wonky, as though the remote has to be right above the top of the projector to work, though it atleast comes with a remote :P

    Also played some MW2 on PS3 and I have to say : WOW. Just WOW. Amazing.

    Have you found any way to fine tune the focus? Mine seems to be just a bit off, it may be because I am using it on a semi dimpled wall ( very light and shallow dimples though there are many of them).

    Would you recommend a projector screen for this bad-boy?

  19. Yes the remote has issues. It's IR and not radio based so you do have to point it at the right spot.

    For gaming this projector is awesome, everything is big and it's like a movie theater.

    You can adjust the focus with the focus wheel. You can do other adjustments by using the Menu. I have a video about the Menus on this site. I also have a video where I show it with a screen. Just click on "E - iSival MP720B1" and you should see the videos.


  20. The screen depends on how picky you are. ;-)

  21. Do you know of any ways to remove the black borders from around the viewable screen area?

    I have two, a dark green and a dark blue one above it.

    You will have to check the aspect ratio. It's on the menus.

  23. for 1920x1080p media, what aspect ratio do you use? tried a few with no luck...

  24. 1920 x 1080 and use Aspect Ratio at Auto will give you the best results. If you could take a picture of what you are talking about that would help a lot. Have you seen anything on any of my videos that resemble what you have?

  25. I just purchased this projector, should arrive in a couple of weeks or so, I live in Toronto, Canada. I like the fact is uses LCos chip, it is said to produce the most film like image or smoothest image of all technologies including DLP, the gap between pixles (inter-gap) is the smallest meaning less screen door effect. Text should be crisp btw and readable if your running native 1280x768 and not scailing from higher input resolutions. Increasing windows font DPI will help alot , it works wonders on my old HD 1080i CRT Display. I will definitley get a proper projection screen since it will always improve quality over any wall unless the wall is already using projector paint. I'll report back and will post my opinions here and on AVS forums. Cheers :)

  26. is this projector avble in india??? wots the refresh rate 60hz-100hz-120hz????

  27. hey how is optomo pk301 dlp 50 lumens projector givin 2000:1 contrast ratio??? and this projector 60 lumens but only 200:1?????

  28. @Mike
    Refresh rate is 60Hz. No idea if they sell it in India. I'm guessing different technologies within the projectors give different contrast ratios. The PK301 2000:1 sounds to me a bit fishy, but they have it like that on their product description at their site.

  29. Does it play xvid or divx via usb ?

  30. It doesn't play videos via USB. Only jpg images.

  31. one last question I hope you dont mind, trying to decide between the LG HS201 or the one you have, Not sure which one to get..Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

  32. @Anonymous regarding LG HS201
    I haven't tried the LG so I can't say. Looking at specs they are very similar. It's totally up to you.

    If I have issues I'm sure I can talk to someone at Sival Instruments. They are super easy to contact. I'm not so sure about LG.

  33. hi,
    so i have isival projector at home and IT TOTALY KICKSASS..i have Tv running on VGA port and PC at HDMi , the best quality you get trought Hdmi with native res. 1280x720 selected and HD content,game played..also perfect dark room is recommended for BEST Color result. at optimal condition You Will get very impressiv results.

  34. LG is not match because its LOW RESOLUTION i mean 800x600... iSival is 1280x720
    and i havent found detail that if LG uses LCOS like iSival..
    i found Matchable BigCorp Projectors around 1000-1200eurs cheapest once...

  35. Can this thing project a 120" image at 16 feet away, high up or on the celing or will it look horrible from 13 feet away or closer (dark room)? I need a cheap long lasting projector for the kids' PS3 gaming and occasional dvd/bluray. I see 80" as a benchmark but wonder if anyone has gone bigger on the screen size.

  36. I don't have the projector anymore. I have gone up to 110" projection at around 14 to 15 feet. Yes this projector needs a very dark room to get the full colors.

    View all of my experiments at:

    You can view the videos of someone else who owns the system at:

  37. Is Amazon the only place to buy this projector?

  38. There are two places that I know where you can buy the system.
    1 - Amazon
    2 - Sival Instrument's website

    Sival Instrument's website:

  39. Hello

    Would you say that games played on this are good enough for home use?

    What projector did you move to?

    Is this better than ordering something from China like the Esp300 or the Forever Plus Corp. 720p projector?

    Greets from the UK

  40. When it comes to games it works just fine. Check It seems to work fine as long as you have a dark room.

    I have not moved on to another projector. I just have a laptop and a HP 2509m monitor.

    I'm not sure about which projector would be the best. They all seem to be great competitors to the iSival. I wish I had all three and compare them. It depends a lot on what you need, so make sure the projector has those needs covered.

  41. Do you know if the mount on the bottom is the standard 1/4" thread for cameras?

  42. It's the standard 1/4 thread that you see on cameras.

  43. This review is by a person disappointed by the lamp life.

    Do you think this is a fluke or a potentially serious problem?

    How many hours do you have on your projector? Have you noticed any ill affects on the video display?

  44. I read the review too. I don't own the projector anymore. I used it for a few months and then had to sell it. I constantly buy and sell my electronics since I love to try and experience devices but lack the funds to keep them. :( hahahah.

    My suggestion if anyone has problems with the lamp life is to talk to Sival Instruments and request a replacement. They do advertise up to 30,000 hours lifetime and you should get that.

  45. Do you know anything about the AAXA M2 or LG HX300?

    The iSiVal is certainly attractive with it's native 720P WXGA resolution. The other two while only XGA are brighter but will display a 720P image.

  46. I don't know anything about those. I hadn't seen them until you mentioned them and I used Dr. Google. They look good, but since I don't have hands-on experience I cannot comment much about them.

  47. Hi, I don't know if this is typical of these or other projectors at this price range, but I can't seem to get all of the screen to the same level of focus at once. Have you noticed this problem? I might have a defective unit.

  48. Armando,

    I didn't notice that problem with this projector. Do you think it could be a problem from the surface you are projecting to?

  49. I doubt it. Tried projecting on a wall when it first came, then on this screen:

    I noticed someone on avs forums post a review and it looks like he had the same screen. He didn't mention any problems.

    It looks like a return is likely.

  50. Armando,

    You paid good money, if the unit you got doesn't work then return it.

  51. I believe I will. On one hand, It's great to know these projectors typically perform better, on the other, I have to wait longer for my setup :(

    Thanks very much for your input.

  52. Heeman..
    Update on the iSival LED Projector. I have been using it almost daily since it was purchased. It's been almost 9 months, no problems at all great purchase. Also a tip, use DATA color temperature, it will increase the lumen output. The side effect will be a slight green tinge. You can howeever tweak RGB on PowerDVD for example and push the color so that it is minimized or removed..Now you get brigher overall white levels. official review mentions this setting...


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