Awesome Windows 7 Bug to the max!

I was doing some video editing and was running out of space quick.  It made no sense.  I don't even have movies or tv shows downloaded.  I got ExplorerXP and found this awesome Windows 7 bug.  For some reason the system is creating a new Application Data folder and filling it with the same contents.  I'm unsure what's creating this but this calls for a clean install of Windows 7.

You can spot this bug at two separate places:
C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Application Data.  It repeats at least 8 times.
C:\Userss\yourusername\Local Settings\Application Data

This is taking at least 40GB to 50GB out of my hard drive.

If you are running out of space then you might want to check your folders and ExplorerXP is one program that allows you to view Folder Size.

My next question is why the heck does Google need over 1GB of data?

ExplorerXP -

Published: Mar 9, 2010


  1. since when does windows7 come with documents and settings? this would be c:\users\yourusername\appdata\local\

  2. You are right. It's "users" and I made a mistake when I wrote that so I will update it. Thanks for noticing.


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