Link Dump 55: Karl Popper, Science and Philosophy

Comedy, Idiocracy, and the Internet
- Broken Faucet Kalimba Jam.
- Flying Over Tr0ut.

- The $140 Mail-Order CRISPR Kit: Is Unregulated Biohacking the Future of Science?

Block Chain
- EOS Consensus Presentation May 2017.

- Audio
  -- HXXNW Bone Conduction Headphones.
  -- Hy - Concealed Smart Earbuds.
- eReaders (e-ink)
  -- 13.3 and 6.8 Good Reader: Android E-Reader with Pen Input.
  -- Dasung E-ink monitor with HDMI.
  -- reMarkable: e-reader with pen input (YouTube, review)
  -- Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper.
- Gaming
  -- New Nintendo 3DS XL.
- Keyboards
  -- Newly released Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac, Version 5.
  -- Ultimate Hacking Keyboard: Mechanical parts are ready, waiting for certification.

- Gaming
  -- Chrono Trigger DS.
  -- Random Arma3 Bullshittery (part 5)
- Movies
  -- Serpico.
- Shows
  -- Royal Marines - It's a State Of Mind. YouTube channel.
  -- South Park: White People Renovating Houses.

Health and Fitness
- Even more evidence that we're eating all wrong.
- Source Naturals Life Force Multiple Energy Activator.

Misc Products:
Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Screen Protector.
Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Crystal Case.
mDesign Spinning Office Desk Organizer.
Wacom Intuos4 / Cintiq21 Grip Pen.

People, Politics, and Money
- And the most trusted news source is...
- AI 'bias' doesn't mean what journalists say it means.
- German universities take on Dutch publishing giant Elsevier.

- Adam Ruins Everything: Corrects ITSELF!
- Emotional Intelligence: In Search of an Elusive Construct.
- Karl Popper, Science, Pseudoscience: Crash Course Philosophy #8.
- Lawrence Krauss: Should Science Teachers be Paid More than Humanities Teachers?
- Richard Stallman Explains Everything.
- Teach Yourself Logic 2017: A Study Guide.
- What is science for? (Sulston, Harris, Dawkins).
- Who owns science - John Sulston.
- Why Scientists must address the public.

Simple Life
- This tiny modular home adapts to your moods.

Software Development
- Every Programmer Should Know.
- Software Engineering is not Computer Science.
- Top .5 .NET Exceptions.
- Why Games Engines Matter: The Real Reason FF7R and KH3 Use Unreal Engine 4.

Published: Sep 16, 2017

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