Wacom Intuos Photo CTH490PK Small

Every once in a while I purchase devices to test them out. This time it was the Wacom Intuous Photo CTH490PK Small (about $100 on Amazon, or $134 if including the wireless kit). The device is a new line of Wacom Intuous devices, which have a variants such as Art, Comic, and Photo and comes in as small and medium sizes. The hardware is essentially the same, but the software bundles are definitely different.

 Box contents: the unit, a pressure sensitive pen (battery-less), a cable, drivers and software key. Also, you can get a wireless kit for this unit.

The unit itself is fairly straight forward. The front has four buttons which can be reconfigured to do whatever you want. The device not only supports the pen interaction but also multi-touch. There is a USB port on the back side, and the device does support the wireless kit so there are a few compartments for that in there too. The surface is smooth and pleasant to work with.

When I purchased the device I had in mind replacing a mouse. My touchpad experience with a MacBook Pro 2016 was very good, so I expected the touch side of the Intuos to be quite good too.  While the pen input is very good the touch is quite horrible in comparison. I was quite surprised at how the touch was very jittery. So, be warned. Don't buy this device with the hopes of replacing a mouse or touchpad.  Buy a Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (about $120 on amazon) instead if this is your goal.

Now, part of the device's value is the software. However, there is no mention on what it actually comes with. So, after using the registration key at Wacom's website I found the following.

Windows choice:
- Free Shutterfly Photobook.
- Free print on canvas from ImageCom.com
- 30-day Lynda.com membership..
- Corel PaintShop Pro X8.
- Corel AfterShot Pro 2.

Mac choice:
- Free Shutterfly Photobook.
- Free print on canvas from ImageCom.com
- 30-day Lynda.com membership.
- Tonality Pro.
- Intensify Pro.
- Noiseless Pro.
- Snapheal Pro.
- Corel AfterShot Pro 2.

The price of this tablet is about $100, and lower if get a used one or wait enough for prices to drop. Overall this is a good interactive pen tablet. The size is small enough that it wont get in the way when compared to some of the larger size devices -- this is convenient if you have a small desk. The pen input is excellent, the buttons are responsive and feel good to the touch. The bundled software is ok, but there are better options available. The hand-eye coordination for using the pen and screen does take a bit of time to get used to -- so keep that mind before buying.

Published: Jun 6, 2017

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