Time to Stop the Video Ads

Many years ago... people looked for videos on the internet. Most services sucked... the services had file size limitations, duration-limits, mediocre quality, a limit on the number of videos, poor streaming, etc. Eventually YouTube and other video services begun to have some great features, the time limits went away, the number of videos allowed became unlimited, and there were few ads -- what an incredible triumph of human ingenuity and technology.

Of course, the pretty side of things doesn't last. Text advertisements begun to appear, then banners, and now video ads -- not only on the side of the main content but inside of the video frame as-well. Additionally, the creators of videos begun to get sponsored by companies -- the content is now an ad itself. Some ads are tolerable but others are really bad -- of them all I think the video ads are probably the worst.  Not only video ads play automatically, are loud, and sometimes stupid, but also they are bad because they take away from your life the one resource you are never going to get back. Time.

At first, 10 seconds for an ad doesn't seem like much. However, if you accumulate these little 10 second ads over the course of a human's lifetime you are looking into many hours/days spent on ad-watching. Imagine how much more productive your life could be without having to wait for the ads to finish. Let's not be selfish here and further expand the time wasting now spread onto our friends, co-workers, and family members. The shear amount of time spent watching ads, when considering the vast user base of video services, is incredible. What are these companies doing to us? By using these time-wasting services we are aiding such a system. Now, the 10 second ads are becoming rare, it is now common for ads to go beyond 30 seconds.

I don't think the creators of content care about the user wasting their lives watching video ads. The producers are more likely to welcome video ads for obvious economic reasons. Although, some accept donations and are supported through Patreon and similar programs -- which is good. But, these few people can't make up for the large majority that welcomes the pesky video ads.

It is time to reconsider, I think, the way we deliver and consume video content. If the ads are so intrusive then the service is not worth supporting. Currently, YouTube is the dominant service for internet videos and it may be the time to change that. It would be neat if many of those content producers that receive donations/Patreon began to switch to other services -- after all, that donated money could easily pay for the cost of serving videos. In doing so, the number of ad-free videos would increase and it would result in a far better experience for the viewer.

For those who are unaware, YouTube has an ad-free or ad-reduced monthly subscription program. This program, may be a good option for people like us who love many of the YouTube features, but hate the video ads. I can assume that this is one option that YouTube is attempting to utilize in order to retain users from moving to other video services, like Vimeo and others. Do you think $10/month is worth your time?

- YouTube Red.
- Vimeo.

Published: Dec 20, 2016

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