Link Dump 0029

Strong assertion fail.  hahaha.

Comedy and the Internet
- Adam Ruins Everything - The Raucous, Pagan Origins of Christmas.
- Best Compilation - People Who Laughed at Trump ... and said he would never be President.
- Monty Python Deductive Reasoning.
- Most wonderful time of the year, image dump.
- Newest NASA picture of the earth.
- The most accurate hacking scene ever.

Green Tech
- Solar Now Produces a Better Energy Return on Investment Than Oil.
- World's first solar panel road opens in France.

Health and Fitness
- Evolution Made Really Smart People Long to Be Loners.
- Gym Laird #14, Updates with Kiefer Part 2.
- How to hack your biology and be in the zone every single day.
- Millennials on multiple social networks more likely to be depressed.
- What makes muscles grow? by Jeffrey Siegel.

- Musk on Work Ethics, Principles, Attitude, and Failure.

Physics and Space
- Hammer vs Feather - Physics on the Moon.
- SpaceX Makes History.

-, a website to check if an account associated with your email has been hacked
- How easy is it to capture data on public free wi-fi?

- Display Pilot, a way to organized your windows in Windows OS.
- Firefox takes the next step towards rolling out multi-process to everyone.
- How to view Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge browser.

- Bose Hearphones.
- hereOne Hearing Aid/Earphones.
- USB 3.0 hub with external stereo and card reader.
- USB On/Off Switch.

Virtual Life
- Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life and Sansar.
- MyWorld on KickStarter.
- Sansar, creating social VR experiences.
- Second Life's creator is building a 'WordPress for Social VR'.
- Welcome to Second Life.

- , top political and tech news within a week's time, daily, hourly, and 15 min.

Published: Dec 22, 2016

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