Link Dump 0026 - Electronics, Music, amd QUERTY Smart Phones

Augmented Reality
- Is Magic Leap dead? Report claims company used fake tech demos and is 'years' behind schedule
- Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was (article).

Block Chain
- A Current List of Use Cases for Ethereum (article).
- The Ethereum Computer (product page).
- The future will be decentralized by Charles Hoskinson (video).

Blogs and Websites
-, awesome electronics projects (website).
- Medium (website).

Comedy and the Internet
- A family of Lannisters (clip).
- Imperial March (video).

- GPD Win 5.5 Inch Gamepad Tablet PC , and a review (product).
- HDMI to VGA Adapter (product).
- J5create's Android Accessories (products).
- Mooltipass Offline Password Keeper (product).
- Posh Mobile Micro X - The Smallest Smsartphone (product).
- Sennheiser's Game Zero, gaming headset, (product).
- Smach Z - The Handheld Gaming PC  (product).
- VGA to HDMI Adapter (product).
- Viotek Android TV Box/Mini Tablet PC with 7-inch Touchscreen (product).
- Web Security Everywhere by Arcadia Labs (product).

- Calving Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding (music).
- Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (music).
- Emma Hewitt - Rewind (Mikkas Remix) (music).
- Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Jimmy2Sox Remix) (music).
- Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Mikas Remix) (music).
- Mikkas (YouTube channel).;
- Nicky Romero vs. Krewella - Legacy (music).

Guides and How-To
- How to Remote View and Control Your Android Phone (article)

Health and Fitness
- Autism Spectrum Disorder and Brain Symmetry (article).
- HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS (article).
- Immune System, Unleashed by Cancer Therapies, Can Attack Organs (article).

People, Money, and Politics
- A former student is suing Oxford for $1 million for failing to make him rich and successful (article).
- This is the most dangerous time for our planet by Stephen Hawking (article).
- Thomas Paine (videos on YouTube).

Privacy and Security
- Backdoor accounts found in 80 Sony IP security camera models (article).
- The Terrifying Cost of "Free" Websites (video).

Smart Phones with QUERTY Keyboard
- Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, Released Sept 2012 (specs). 
- Samsung S Relay 4G at Samsung (product page).
- Samsung S Relay 4G Unlocked (product page).
- Samsung S Relay 4G Review (article).
- Samsung M930 Transform Ultra, Released Oct 2011 (specs).
- Motorola DROID 4 XT894, Released Feb 2012 (specs).
- Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE XT897, Released Aug 2012 (specs).

Software Development
- i128 and u128 support for rust-lang.

Published: Dec 9, 2016

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