Link Dump 0023

Artificial Intelligence
- Google's AI Experiments (website). 
- Stephen Wolfram on How to Tell AIs What to Do and What to Tell Them (video).
- What a driverless world could look like by Wanis Kabbaj (video).

Comedy and the Internet
- 11 Year Old Pro Surfer Talks about her Dad Live on the Today Show (clip).
- Amazing Backflip (clip).
- Clueless Gamer: "Final Fatansy XV" with Elijah Wood (video).
- Conan Visits YT's VR Lab (video).
- Casually Explained: Breaking the Ice (video).
- Kenny vs Spenny: Who can put on the best concert (video).
- Soldering Accident (video).
- Worst Waterslide Ever (clip).

- MasterClass Youtube channel (videos).
- MasterClass Website (website).
- Nintendo Switch - Problems and Leaks (videos).
- The Grand Tour (videos). 

- Adam Ruins Everything - Why Some Prescription Drugs are More Dangerous than Illegal Drugs (video).
- Body IO #41, Dr. Paul Jaminet, on the Perfect Health Diet (audio).
- Coffee Can Break Your DNA by DNews (video).

- Windows 10 Virtual Desktops Shortcuts (reference).

- A New Spin on the Quantum Brain (article).
- Academics Write Papers Arguing Over How Many People Read (and Cite) Their Papers (article).
- It's official: NASA's peer-reviewed EM Drive paper has finally been published (article).

- Kaspersky Lab Builds a "Secure Operating System" (article).
- Henry Hoggard exploits (website).
- Intel x86s hide another CPU that can take over your machine (you can't audit it) (article).
- IRS Demands Identities of All US Coinbase Traders over Three Year Period (article).

Software Development
- ActiveWords, trigger actions based on what you type (app).
- C++ 11/14/17 Overview (reference).
- Develop apps for Sony's SmartEyeglass (SDK).
- Game Analytics, track player behavior in your app (website).
- MathJax, math in browsers (website).
- Supported Source (website).
- You Are Not Paid to Write Code by Tyler Treat (article).
- Visual Studio 2017 RC (app).

- Hyperloop One will build the first Hyperloop system to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in twelve minutes (article).
- The Hyperloop One System (video).

Published: Nov 18, 2016

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