Link Dump 0020 - Energy, Climate, Mars, and Conservation Edition

Climate Change
- Before the Flood, by National Geographic, presented by Leo Dicaprio (video).
- Climate Change Rate to Turn Southern Spain to Desert by 2100 (article).
- How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change by Allan Savory (video).
- NASA Scientists Suggest We've Been Underestimating Sea Level Rise (article).
- Recent pause in the growth rate of atmospheric CO2 due to enhanced terrestrial carbon uptake (article).
- The Artic is 36 Degrees Farenheit Warmer Than Normal (article).

- History of Humanity Documentary (video).
- Strange-looking animal seen on the sea floor near Bali (clip).

- Innovating to zero by Bill Gates (video).
- Making high-performance batteries from junkyard scraps (article).
- Physicists Induce Superconductivity in Non-Superconducting Materials (article). 
- Tesla Powerwall 2 (product).
- Tesla Solar Roof (product).

Developers and Computers
- Dan Cases - A4-SFXv1 a Compact Full-Length GPU Computer Case (product page).
- Dan Cases A4-SFXv1 Review by Linus Tech Tips (video).
- Clearing up Baggage by Josh Klint (article).
- Running Your Computers in 2016 by Josh Klint (article).
- Ultimate Compact Gaming PC 22 Cores & GTX 1080 by Linus Tech Tips (video).

- Colonizing Mars - A Critique of the SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System (article).
- Elon Musk unveils plan to colonize Mars (video).
- How Could We Create a Second Earth? (video).
- The Martians Are Coming - and They're Human (article).

People Issues
- How President-Elect Trump Views Science (article).
- Japan's Disposable Workers: Dumping Ground (video).
- We're Scientists. We're Moms. And We Avoid Non-GMO Products (article).

- When Water Flows Uphill (video).

- Galileo Thermometer (product).
- LED Bedside Touch Lamp (product).
- LED Desk Lamp by Hapurs (product).
- Planet Earth Videos by BBC (product).
- Save Energy by Using a Soft MicroPlush Heated Blanket (product).
- SPUD is a 24-inch Display That Can Fit In Your Bag (article).

Simple Living
- 10 Biggest Reasons Living in a Van Sucks (video).
- MEDCottage (small houses) (product page).
- Living in a car by Eileah Ohning (videos).
- Living in a Teched-Out Van by Brent Rose (video).
- Primitive Technology: Shrimp Trap (video).

Published: Nov 12, 2016

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