Link Dump 0018

Comedy and the internet
- Big Data: What is it? (image)
- Classic Turk (clip).
- In Case You're Having a Bad Day (images).
- Man Tax (image).
- Serving McDonalds to food experts? (video). 
- The Social Consequences of Everything (video).
- When you hit a wall in a game (clip).

Health and Fitness
- Herbal, dietary supplements cause one-fifth of hepatotoxicity (article).
- Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari (movie).
- The Magic (Or Lack Thereof) of Soy (article).

- ImagineTunez (music).
- John Von Neumann Documentary (documentary).
- Nintendo Switch (video/product page).

People Issues
- Feminist Speakers vs Sam Harris (video).

- Making Badass Developers by Kathy Sierra (video).
- Migrating Trustwave's Large Customer Portal to Dart (video).
- ML Type Declarations (pdf).
- Using XML with LINQ Cookbook (article).

- The Wonderful World of Keyboards for (article).
- NirSoft Tools (website)

Technology Products
- Augmented Reality Headsets (links).
- Quantum Computes: 10-fold boost in stability achieved (article).
- Super Wide Screen Laptops (links).

- Logical Fallacies (website).

Published: Oct 20, 2016

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