Augmented Reality Headsets [Updated Oct 20, 2016]

I have tested several Virtual Reality (VR) headsets.  I think they are very immersive, and work well for some purposes.  However , I don't think VR headsets are well-suited for some work type environments.  I think the Augmented Reality headsets are better for this as they retain the sense of your surroundings, allow you to peek at that one key on the keyboard you forgot all about but need, and so on.  If the resolution is good and text looks crisp I think one could replace traditional monitors with augmented reality headsets.  Below I list several of them.

Augmented Reality Complex Headsets
- Magic Leap (unknown price)
- Meta 2 (less than $1000)
- Meta Pro (older than the Meta 2).
- Microsoft HoloLens (around $3000 for the development kit).

- The dawn of the age of holograms (video).
- A glimpse of the future though an augmented reality headset (video).

- Augmented/Virtual Reality to hit $150 billion by 2020 by Digi-Capital.

Some images:
Meta 2 headset provides the most field of view, and a very good resolution.

 Microsoft HoloLens is going to be likely the most well software supported headset.  (Img src:

Heads up Display Style
- Google Glass (likely dead)
- Oakley  Airwave
- Vuzix (M100, M300).

Published: Oct 20, 2016

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