Link Dump 0011

Comedy & the Internet
- Computer humor (images).
- How dinosaurs evolved according to an ancient Chinese scripture (images).

- Alex Skrindo - Ease (music). 
- Savant - The Arcade 2013 (music).
- Voyage of Time on Imax (movie).

- Elon Musk answers fan questions (video).

Open Source Science
- NASA Unveils New Public Web Portal for Research Results (article).
- Microsoft's Channel 9 on Blockchain (video).

- Programming principles from the early days of id Software (article).
- Rust (a systems programming language).
- Smaller Go 1.7 Binaries (article).

Science Talks and Clips
- Can Paper Cut Wood? by John Heisz (video).
- The Illusion of Truth by Veritasium (video).

Published: Aug 26, 2016

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