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Comedy and the Internet
- Answers (image).
- Matt Eliason Bicycle Kick Goal (gif).

Computer Security
- China to Ban Ad Blockers (article).
- Ubuntu Linux Forums Hacked (article).
- Your Privacy is at Risk (video).

Demo Scenes
- Luma - Mercury (video).

- Absolute Zero: The Race for Absolute Zero (video).
- A Short History of Air-conditioning (video).
- Air Conditioning History (video).
- Engineering Explained (channel).
- Graphite and Its Awesome Properties (video). 
- The Secret of F1 Enormous Power (video).

Electronics and Gadgets
- Corsair Raptor HS40 7.1 USB Gaming Headset.
- RIF6 pocket projector.
- The Superbook turning your smartphone into a laptop.
- This is Tap.

- Interest Calculator (web-app).
- NerdWallet (website).
- US Inflation Calculator (web-app).

Gaming & Simulation
- Zero Latency on Good Game! (video).
- Reepblue (videos).

Health & Fitness
- Are Saunas the Next Big Performance Enhancing "Drug"? (article).
- The Personal Trainer of Superheroes: Duffy Gaver (video).
- Robb Wolf at Body IO (audio).

Green Stuff
- Farmbot Genesis - (open source farming machine, website).
- India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island (video). 
- How Clean Energy Could Save US Billions in Health Costs (article).
- How to Calculate the Run Times of Your Battery (article).

- Why the Founder of Rails Rejects 80% of Software Engineer Applicants (video).

- 10 Excellent Martial Arts Movies You Should Check Out (collection).

- City 17 - Making Good Time
- Tony Core - Chu-Va-Shy.

Science (Biology)
- A Civil Servant Missing Most of His Brain Challenges Our Most Basic Theories of Consciousness (article).

Science (Computer)
- Apollo 11 Guidance Computer Source Code for the Command and Lunar Modules (code).
- Cay Hortmann (website).
- Destroy All If's: A Perspective From Functional Programming (article).
- Linux Kernel Coding Style by Linus Torvalds (article).

Science Debates and Philosophy
- Brainwave Entrainment and Marketing PseudoScience (article).
- Science Is Sometimes Wrong, For All The Right Reasons (article).
- Scientific Method: Defend the Integrity of Physics (article).

- Brackets text editor for web design (app).
- Telerik Test Studio - An Automated Testing Made Easy (app).

- Build Yourself a Go Bag (guide).

Tutorials and Guides
- 7 Excel Tricks Every Office Worker Should Know (images).
- HTML Cheat Sheet (images).
- Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom, and Illustrator (images).

- (search engine).

Published: Aug 8, 2016

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