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Comedy & the Internets
- But he tried at least (gif).
- F- (images).
- HeavyBubbles Commercial (video).
- Insert sexist title here (gif).
- Life (gif).
- Links that will tell you what Google knows about you (links).
- Male Brain vs Female Brain (video).
- My dog doesn't understand that the door is gone (gif).
- That last bump is a doozie... (gif).

Diet, Health, & Exercise
- James Altucher podcast with Dave Asprey (audio).

- Linear Algebray by Khan Academy (video course).

- Science Kombat.

Money, Life, & Politics
- Bitcoin Could Consume as Much Electricity as Denmark by 2020 (article).
- Facebook's Oculus hit by fears it will spy on users and pass on data (article).
- James Altucher's TedX Choose Yourself talk (video).
- James Altucher's Who Needs College? (video).
- MIT Media Lab Public Dialogue on DRM (video).
- Politicians May Have to Wear Donor Logos in California (article).
- Study finds money can buy you happiness (article).
- Your Chances of Getting Audited by the IRS this Year (article).

- Man of Tai Chi

Science & Tech
- Brave browser faces huge blowback from publishing industry (article).
- Linus Torvalds still wants Linux to take over the desktop (article).
- Microsoft's new Windows Ink makes stylus input way more useful (article).
- SpaceX Falcon 9 - Successful Drone Ship Landing (video).
- SciShow (video channel).
- Toucan skeleton (image).
- VR Zone Project (video).

Published: Apr 9, 2016

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