Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 15 & MS Surface Pro 3 - Screen Size and Resolution

Gear: ThinkPad Yoga 15, MS Surface Pro 3.

Both the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 15 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 are touch-enabled tablets running Windows 8.1   Since I have both of them at my place I have chosen to compare qualities that they have, even if they are not intended to be competing in the same category.

MS Surface Pro 3
  • 12-inch screen.
  • 2160x1440 resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio.
  • 371 nits
  • Glossy.
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 15
  • 15.6-inch screen
  • 1920x1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • 300 nits.
  • Glossy.

It seems like the MS Surface Pro 3 has the overall better screen. But there is more than specs to keep in mind when making a decision of purchasing a device.  For example, you should ask, "How much content can I actually see?"  Images and details below.

When we align the displays we can observe how much more of a screen the Thinkpad Yoga 15 has.  This can be a drawback on portability.  Overall the MS Surface Pro 3 is just the better device to carry around.

 The Yoga 15 is more prone to giving us orange colors, where on the Surface Pro 3 it will look more red.

 When we compare the whites we can observe that the Yoga 15 gives us a more blue/gray.

 When in portrait mode, and when we have a continuous document display, we can observe that the higher resolution of the Surface Pro 3 does not have a real advantage over the Yoga 15.  We can see more with the Yoga 15.

 If we zoom in we can see text well on both systems.  However, the Pro 3 is a better fit for most portrait documents; book reading will be better on this device.

 If we set our viewer to single page then we can see how the Yoga 15 is wasting pixels, whereas the Pro 3 is using everything it has.

 On my blog we can observe how the Yoga 15's smaller resolution still displays more content than the Pro 3.  However, the Pro 3 has such a bright screen that my camera cannot capture everything correctly.

 The brightness of the Pro 3 has been set to closer to the Yoga 15.  Also, notice how much much space there is on the sides of the blog.  Clearly the Yoga 15 can display morel.

In portrait mode we can observe how much more the Yoga 15 can display when compared to the Pro 3.

Overall I can see that the MS Surface Pro 3 has the better screen quality.  It will be a good system for lot's of document reader programs.  Nonetheless, when it comes to actually doing work, the lesser but bigger screen of the Yoga 15 is the better choice. 

Published: May 6, 2015

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