Earthing/Grounding Mat Kit and Book Research References

A while ago I was introduced to the concept of "earthing" or "grounding" yourself for the purposes of health.  According to the fellows selling earthing products, we humans are meant to be connected to ground by our feet.  However, this disconnect has resulted in various health issues; including inflammation or the inability to reduce inflammation.  So, by connecting ourselves, via some grounding system, we can return to a more proper state.  This connection, according to the same people, can result in faster recovery from wounds, faster healing of sickness, better sleep, etc.

So, one day I chose to use some of the points that I had collected on some old credit card and I bought myself an earthing mat on Amazon.  It was  only $2 and the following is what I got in the kit: a leather mat, a conductive cover, a wire, an outlet tester, several promotional documents, a book and a DVD.

The contents of the package.

The movie in the DVD utilizes a lot of rhetoric techniques that are often seen in religious/spiritual and new age healing videos.  There is beautiful and epic music playing while they attempt to convince you that their product is a fabulous discovery. To me some of these techniques, the ones that appeal to emotion, reduce the credibility of the concept of earthing for health.  I can however see how this is a very effective persuasive technique.

The promotional materials, the book, and the DVD.

In my college "Physics for Scientists" class a professor said that for something to be "science" it must meet these two qualifications:
  • First, we must make a prediction.
  • Second, we must say "how much" is required for the prediction to be occur.

So, if the claim is that "EMFs are bad for health."  Then we have to determine the "how much" is necessary to produce an effect.

Frankly I'm quite skeptical to the idea that most electromagnetic fields are dangerous.  My understanding is that EMFs (electro magnetic fields) can cause harm when we concentrate waves and up the amplitude (like in the case of microwaves--which vibrate the water and thus result in producing hot steam to cook foods), and when we are exposed to higher frequency waves (which also require lots of energy to produce).  Usually the EMFs that tend to be commonly known as harmful, which are high frequency ones, are ultra violet rays (UV rays, such as those from the sun), X Rays, and gamma rays.  These three mentioned are very short waves, high frequency, beyond the visible light, and do cause damage in a short time.  Infrared, microwaves, radio, and others, are below the visible spectrum.  These later waves have less energy, so to make them dangerous requires some effort.  Whether these lower wave length rays are dangerous due to prolonged exposure is an interesting idea, and I assume that they are much harder to prove as dangerous.

If you could see the number of waves going through you right now you would be quite scared.  Not just our usual electronics, like laptops/tablets/phones, produce EMFs.  In physics classes we learn that every place where there is a current (electrons moving) there will be an EMF produced.  Therefore, every single wire in your house produces it, distant radio towers produce it, and all power lines do the same.  Furthermore, this also means that even your own nervous system, which is an electric system, will produce EMFs.  Although, I presume the EMFs that our bodies produce are quite small in comparison to other sources. Nature also produces these fields in many other ways--such as when lightning occurs, volcanoes erupt, the sun sending us that beautiful UV rays, etc.

The electromagnetic spectrum is very interesting, and there are plenty of videos available online that go into deep and entertaining explanation.

The leather grounding mat, cable, and the outlet tester.

The outlet that you should plug the one cable needs to be grounded.

My desk is one place where the grounding mat seems to fit just fine.  It could be used as a form of mouse pad.

Since it's hard for me to determine "how much" is required to produce negative effects then I have to remain skeptical.  One day I may invest more time into studying the available research--I think that with my current level of education I cannot fully understand all the concepts yet.  If earthing/grounding for health purposes is true then having an earthing mat could be a very good thing to have!  But, I admonish people to be skeptical because there are plenty of other health scams going around--we have to look at numbers and known how to do maths to be sure that we are not getting scammed!  Well, I spent $2 on the kit, so if this is a scam I didn't lose much. ;-)

For those interested in the literature I have listed below the references in the included book.  By the way, the title of the book is "Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?" by authors: Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, and Martin Zucker.  Enjoy!

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Published: Apr 25, 2015

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