Celluon evoMouse - Box Contents and Details

The Celluon evoMouse is a device that turns any flat surface into a touchpad.  It is an interesting concept, but does it actually work?  Well, to find out I purchased one of them and tested it for a few hours.  Lot's of images and details below.

 The back of the box shows you several possible gestures.  Some of them work fine, while others don't.

 The box contents include: instruction manual, usb cable, and the evoMouse unit.

 The evoMouse has dimensional constraints.  The area is 12cm by 16cm, which is 4.7 inches by 6.2 inches.  The unit will beep if you are close to but not within the active area.

 The evoMouse is a wired device.  This means that you are restricted to the length of the USB cable.

 On the top of the unit we can see a power button.

 On the back we have the USB port.  The promotional video mentions that the evoMouse also has Bluetooth, but I didn't see anything regarding that in the instruction manual.

 On the side we can see tiny holes.  The device does have a speaker in it.

 The evoMouse has several sensors that are used to determine what your fingers are performing.  It's an interesting idea.

 The bottom side of the device.

While the evoMouse is attempting to perform all setup required the lights will flash.  Once the device is ready the lights will be on until you turn the evoMouse off.  These lights are quite bright. 

evoMouse notes:
  • It may or may not install correctly.  Unplugging the device and re-plugging it may solve the problem.
  • The mouse pointer movement feels very "floaty" and definitely not as precise as that achieved by a regular mouse.  This is a strong indicator that it cannot be a mouse replacement.  However, it can work in some cases--for example in touch apps.  Overall the interaction feels very similar to that of a touchpad in a laptop.
  • Left clicking seems to work fine.
  • Doing a "drag" gesture is hideous--it feels like a stuck left click.
  • The device beeps if your fingers are too close or a little too far from the active area.  Once you are in the right area the device stops beeping.
  • The beep volume can be adjusted.
    • To increase the volume, tap and slide up with three fingers.
    • To decrease the volume, tap and slide down with three fingers.
    • You must repeat the gesture for each level of adjustment.
  • The evoMouse also flashes light when it's trying to work, which becomes annoying over time.  A solid light means that the device is ready to be used.
  • Gestures for backwards and forwards works well.
  • Zoom in and out gestures give unpleasant results because it either zooms in too much or zooms out too much.
  • There can be accidental gestures made when you are simply trying to move the mouse.
  • It is a plug and play device.  There are no special drivers or software to install.
  • Because there is no custom software we cannot modify the gestures.  This is too bad because I would love to remove some gestures that seem to get in the way of performing the normal mouse functions.
  • According to someone passing by when I was using it, "it looks like a robot toy for kids."
  • The evoMouse does not work consistently--when you plug it in, Windows sees the device as either "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" or as "evoMice".  When Windows recognizes it as "evoMice" then the device will be working (which is also indicated by solid lights).
  • It seems that my evoMouse may be defective on the USB port because it disconnects all the time.
 Windows may not recognize the device properly.  Unplug and replug sometimes fixes the problem.
When Windows recognizes the device then it will show as evoMice.

When it comes to work I would not use it.  I would definitely not use it for gaming either.  So, while the evoMouse has a neat concept it fails to be a proper mouse replacement.  Furthermore, the technical issues make it unreliable as an input device.  It's too bad because the official video makes it look cooler than the performance I achieved.

For more info visit the official product page.

Published: Apr 30, 2015

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