AGPtek Wireless Handheld Trackball Mouse - Box Contents and Details

 Gear: AGPtek Wireless HandHeld Trackball Mouse.

Is there something better than a mouse?  Today's contender is the AGPtek Wireless HandHeld Trackball Mouse.  Box contents and details can be seen below.

The back of the box shows us several models of the same device.  The one that I purchased seems to be the Y-10W.

The device in it's package.  The top right shows a place for a AAA battery, but it's not there.

The box contents: instruction manual (in English), carrying pouch, small USB transceiver, and the hnadheld mouse unit.

On the top we can observe several buttons, the trackball, and the scroll wheel.  The top left button is Escape, the top right is Enter, the bottom left is Right Click, and the bottom right is also Right Click.

The trigger button is the Left Click.

There is an on/off switch on the bottom side.

The included manual has buttons labeled and what the assigned functions.

The Y-10L version instructions are also included.

The battery compartment for a AAA battery.

The mouse is quite nice to hold.  The trackball is something that requires some time to get used to.

This tiny button changes the DPI settings.  There are four settings.  The default setting is 400 DPI.

The green means 600 DPI.

The red light indicates 800 DPI.

The red and green light indicates 1000 DPI.

  • Positives:
    • It works quite well for PowerPoint presentations.
    • There are adjustable DPI settings.
    • The device is very responsive.
    • The device is plug and play and does not require special drivers.
    • The manual is in English.
    • The AAA battery is included.
  • Both positive and negative:
    • Controlling the mouse pointer with a trackball is something that takes some time to get used to.
    • The carrying pouch is likely to be useless, but it's nice that it's included.
    • The device feels cheap, but at the same time it's weight is small/light.
    • The plastic material also contributes to the light feel, but it can also feel as it the device can easily come off the hands.  Furthermore, if you were to drop the device then it's likely that the plastic will break.
  • Negatives:
    • No middle click button on the scroll wheel.
    • Both buttons on the side of the scroll wheel are right click buttons.  This means that one of them will be a waste of a button.
    • Because one must grip the device then this is not a proper mouse replacement.  A proper mouse replacement needs to allow hand placement and hand removal in an intuitive way.  So, switching from keyboard to mouse and vice versa will not work well.
    • The product page indicates that this is a "rechargeable USB 2.0" trackball, which gives the impression that it can be connected via USB to recharge--this is false.  It could be the case that the product is not listed correctly.  Also, the unit has a AAA alkaline battery, and there is no USB port on the unit.  The "USB 2.0" part is likely because the USB transceiver is using USB 2.0 technology.
    • Although this is subjective, the green trackball color is really ugly.

Conclusion:  This is not a proper mouse replacement.  Don't expect any type of major work or gaming to be done with this device. However, it does a good job for slideshows--as long as you are within range of course.  Before spending money on this handheld trackball mouse it is wise to determine what you intend to use it for.

For other computer input devices check the Keyboard and Mice label.  Thank you.

Published: Apr 26, 2015

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