Bulletproof AirScape Kitchen Canister - Images and Details

Gear: Bulletproof AirScape Kitchen Canister (64 fl. Oz),  Planetary Design AirScape Canister (32 fl. Oz).

I think coffee is a wonderful way to start my day.  It gives me a little jolt that lets me focus on college classes.  Over time I have realized that purchasing small quantities of anything is actually more expensive and consumes each purchase consumes time.  So, when I buy coffee I get myself a 5 pound bag.  The majority of the coffee is thrown into the freezer, and I usually only have a small amount out in a zip lock bag.  Well, the bag is not that effective at retaining that "fresh" taste of coffee.  So, when I saw the AirScape Kitchen Canister I said to myself, this ought to be better than my zip lock bag.  More info and images below.

A short description of the canister.


 The canister is quite stylish and can be used to store coffee, protein, nuts, and other powders that degrade when exposed to oxygen.

 The top lid is made of plastic and has neat seal.  In the center of the lid you can notice a gummy contraption that seems to allow moisture to escape and also blocks the moisture from getting inside.

 On the left we can observe the key component of the canister: the inner lid.  After placing your goods inside the canister one pushes the inner lid and excess air is removed.

 On the bottom you can notice the tiny holes that let air pass by.

 One of the several stickers on the canister.

 How the lid works.

On the bottom of the canister we can observe that this Bulletproof canister is simply a rebranded Planetary Design 64 Oz AirScape canister.

Now, was this a good purchase or not?  In my case the 64 fl. oz canister is actually excessive.  As I have said before, most of my coffee is kept in the freezer, so something smaller would be more suited to my needs.  As a matter of fact, Planetary Design has a 32 oz AirScape canister.  It's too bad I didn't do my research!  Well, what I can say so far about this canister is that it's definitely better than the zip lock bag at conserving my coffee.


Published: Oct 11, 2014

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