Apple Magic Trackpad and Perixx Peripad-702 - Box Contents, Images, and Details

 Gear: Apple Magic Trackpad, Perixx Peripad-702.

If you had to rank touchpads based on popularity you would certainly place the Apple Magic Trackpad at the very top.  In contrast, you would not even know that the Perixx Peripad-702 exists.  Now, I have to admit that I am utilizing a Windows 7 system--which is now outdated and does not support all features that these touchpads have to offer.  The Magic Trackpad is obviously optimized for Macs, and the Peripad-702 is optimized for Windows 8.  As I'm conserving resources for a future Windows 8 gaming-convertible tablet I'm unwilling to purchase proper systems for tests--so the information below are the experiences I have when using Windows 7.

 The back of the boxes.  Apple took advantage of this space to show the possible multi-touch gestures: Click and drag, Two-finger scroll, Right-click, Rotate, Pinch/Zoom, Page back/forward, Switch applications, Activate Mission Control, Show Launchpad, and Show desktop.

 Box contents.  Magic Trackpad has: unit, two AA batteries, documentation.  The Peripad-702 has: unit, two AAA batteries, nano USB receiver, documentation.  The Magic Trackpad uses Bluetooth for pairing (if you have an older system you may need to purchase a Bluetooth USB dongle), the Peripad-702 uses a USB nano receiver--the pairing is automatic and simple.

 The Apple product uses a silky smooth exquisite aluminum finish.  In comparison, the Peripad-702 uses plastic that feels quite rough and unsatisfying.  The lines in the Peripad-702 help guide the user in its use, particularly regarding "Edge swipes" in Windows 8.

 The bottom side of the touchpads.  The "clicky" left and right clicks are achieved by the small pads on the bottom left and right sides.  Regarding these clicks, I feel that Apple's Trackpad feels more sturdy.  

 Both of these wireless touchpads utilize batteries.  The are no USB cables to recharge them.

 The Apple approach to a battery compartment is a cylinder with cover on the side.  The Perixx approach is to have a cover along the battery compartment.  I feel as if the Apple one is more elegant.

 Both of these touchpads have on on/off buttons.  The Apple one is a multi-function press button (which is also used for sync).  The Perixx has a simple on/off slider switch.  It is important to note that Apple utilizes Bluetooth and Perixx uses its own dedicated wireless data via a USB nano receiver.  If your system goes to sleep the Magic Trackpad will, after some time, also go to sleep--when you wake up your system you may have to resync the touchpad.

Perixx Peripad-702 Software and Gestures

Perixx Peripad-702 multi-touch gestures.  Most of the built-in features can be used in Windows 7, and the device seems to be able to discriminate very well among three and four finger touch gestures. The Edge swipes are not supported in Win 7, so you'll need a Windows 8 system to take advantage of them.

The Perixx Peripad-702 does not allow you to customize the gestures.  As of this writing date, there is no available drivers/software at  It is important to note that two-touch scrolling is inverted from what usual touchpads offer--and because of the lack of software we cannot reverse it.

Magic Trackpad Software

 In Windows 7 the Apple Magic Trackpad is treated as any other Bluetooth mouse.

As far as I'm aware, there is NO dedicated Apple software for Windows 7.  If you use the default Bluetooth features offered by Windows then you are going to be very limited.  However, there is a third party software option that gives you access to more of the Magic Trackpad's features.  You can download the software, which has a 28 day trial period, at  I do have to advice people, this software seems to provide an inconsistent behavior from the Magic Trackpad (ie it works for some time, then stops, the Trackpad unsyncs, resyncs, and so on).

Final Word:
As I am not using a Mac or Windows 8 I'm unable to come to a definite conclusion on which one is "better." I presume that if these touchpads were used with the proper operating system they would both be even better.  As I only have Windows 7, I can say that the Perix Peripad-702 offers a more consistent experience and has more useful gestures--and as such I prefer the Peripad-702 over the Magic Trackpad.

More information:

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Published: May 3, 2014


  1. Good Review - Would have liked to know about battery life. Thanks, Anthony

  2. You can reverse the scrolling direction using using the very useful EitherMouse utility at


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