The Paleo Diet - Advocates, Debunkers, and Beyond

Diet is not an easy concept.  Doctors may give you advice and say that you should have a "balanced" diet.  Some people think that what they are eating is "healthy."  If we go into details, some people say yes to some foods, and no to others.  One diet which I tend to align more with is the idea of paleolithic diets.  In short this diet tends to be in alignment with the concept that we are more suited to eat in a certain way due to our ancestry.  On this post I present to you three videos regarding paleo diets, the first is The Perfect Human Diet (Amazon Prime), which reinforces the concept of paleo as being suited thanks to evolution.

The second video is a presentation on TEDx by Christina Warinner, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, in which she argues that the "modern" paleo diet is far from what the modern paleo advocates present.  In a way I think that Christina makes a very good job at presenting the persuasion presented by paleo advocates.  She also notes that "paleo" is different in each area; so maybe the diet that works for one group of people may not work for others!

The very last video is from two quite famous podcasters: Chris Kresser and Dave Asprey from the BulletProof Executive.  Both of these fellows are advocates of a modified and more "personalized" paleo diet--which goes beyond just lots of protein.  In the case of Dave, he tends to prefer a higher fat consumption (from "healthy" animals).  Chris, in the other hand, tends to put a great deal of emphasis in digestion.

Published: Apr 12, 2014

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