OttLite T92BNT Vero Floor Lamp and T59BNR Table Lamp - Images and Thoughts

Gear OttLite T92BNT Vero Floor Lamp, T59BNR Table Lamp, T57J3M Replacement Tube.

When I began blogging I used whatever lighting the house would get from the sun, or some desk lamp that always made the images have an orange tint.  To remove this tint I always had to edit the images and videos.  After a while the time that editing consumed was too much and so I chose to purchase better lighting.  Many of the images I have taken in the past year were aided with a desk lamp by OttLite, the T59BNR.  OttLite's lighting delivers a very beautiful white neutral color--which is preferable over the orange ting.  In future images the images will be improved because of the addition of two new OttLite floor lamps.

Box contents of the floor lamp.

Box contents without the wrapping.

Floor lamp and desk lamp.  Notice how the lighting they deliver is a beautiful white-neutral color.  There is no more yellow tint!

Two floor lamps and my desk lamp should be sufficient to provide plenty of lighting.  The floor lamps are turned on by floor switches.  The surface of the lamps looks good, the bases are decent.  One complaint though is that some of the adjustments on the top do not feel sturdy; also if you push the lamp near the top the lamp moves quite a bit.  Furthermore, the switches wear out over time so they will fail.

The T46J3M replacement bulbs are for the desk lamp and will not fit the floor lamp.

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Published: Apr 29, 2014

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