Instant Expert - Thank you Internet

Isn't it quite funny that you can find the same guy selling more than one product?  In the case above, Apparently the teeth whitening didn't work, but the "secrets" for acne is doing quite well.

As a content producer.
In a way, it's good to test markets and figure out what we can be good at. It's good to admit that we are not suited for something, and in doing so we can move on.  But, I feel that it's too easy to share "knowledge" on the internet--in a way people can become "instant experts."  There is a problem though with instant experts--what happens if you give advice, know that people will try to replicate things, and they end up hurting themselves?  As we know, if a doctor accidentally hurts the patient the doctor can be sued.  On the internet, what happens if you give bad advice?  Perhaps you would simply change your profile name and then start another advice channel?

As a content consumer.
It is very unwise to go about life without putting effort into questioning the source of our information.  There is so much BS out on the internet, especially regarding personal health.  But I have to say that in a way "truth" is truth, and even though a source may be questionable what the messenger may be saying is actually right.  It can get complicated, so I'll stop here and not go into some deep philosophy gibberish.

Published: Apr 12, 2014

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