Worst Movies Ever - The Expendables 2

I made it to minute 9. This movie is like a shit burrito. All flavors of crap combined into a single creation of stupidity. The majority of the low-level soldiers are portrayed as complete idiots who cannot properly aim their rifles and cannot possibly deliver a single shot. In comparison the heroes effortlessly hit every enemy soldier... effortlessly...  Who thought, "let's climb a tower while 30+ enemy can aim and shoot at us."  Somehow... the heroes climbed the tower without getting hit once!  Like all shit burritos this one is sure to give your mind some diarrhea.

Published: Nov 28, 2013


  1. I think you missed the point of the movie. It's an homage to 1980's action movies (or a satire, I can't tell for sure). It's supposed to be ridiculous.

    How do you think they got so many actors from that period to be in the movie? It was because they all got the joke.

    1. I think the movie is within the "action" category. Having been in the military kind of ruins all action movies though... before my military time I would have been like "cool movie dude and wow that explosion!" and now I'm like "that shooting while moving is too accurate to be true." I can't help it. There are some action movies though where my mind doesn't instantly begin critiquing though... like Act of Valor, The Hurt Locker Movie, and most recently Dredd. I hope I'm not alone on this "picky" mindset. ;-)


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