Videos Flagged on YouTube - Time to Think of Alternatives

Over the past few years I have had to take down several videos from my YouTube channel, and in the coming months I will begin taking down several more.  The issue of copyright infringement, and the "flagging" on YouTube is beginning to be an issue with my channel.  I, of course, acknowledge that I do not own all the content featured in my videos, what I offer is often critique and how-to guides.  However, what I offer is sometimes of value to many people and if I am flagged repeatedly then I run the risk of having my channel banned.

As of this writing I have begun the processing of over 750 videos and will host them outside of YouTube.  Of course, I will continue to use YouTube as a way of publishing content but any video that is flagged will be removed.  In a way this is a good issue as it forces me to have backups of the content elsewhere, thus allowing the content to be accessible and reducing my dependency on Google's platform.

Published: Oct 21, 2013

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