Jabra Active Corded Stereo Earphones - Box Contents and Images

Over the past few years I have used the Bose MIE2i earphones, and they have been great.  However, the cords have now the deteriorated to the point of them being useless.  I have been looking for alternatives that have "ear hooks" like the Bose MIE2i.  The first set that I will try is the Jabra Active.  Info and images below.


Right side of the box.

Back side of the box.

All of the contents of the box.

Small, medium, and large ear hooks/tips/"eargels".  They are not made of "gummy" silicone; when compared to the Bose MIE2i these hooks are stiff and will become uncomfortable.

This item is for cord management.

A 3.5mm phone adapter.

The design of the earphones are quite average and will lead to pain.  Any $5 earphone set at Walmart has the same circular design.

A cable clip.

A microphone which also has answer call button.  This mic is close to the earphones and is separate from the volume slider.

The volume slider is not in the same assembly as the mic.  Although you can control the volume level it will not completely must audio.

As you can see, this is not a normal male 3.5mm jack.  This supports functions of mobile phones, such as microphone and answer call.

Compared to the Bose MIE2i the volume found in the Jabra Active is quite high.  If you want to play acoustic and rock music, or anything vocal, these earphones will be sufficient.  However, if you are on the "deep bass" type music then you will be disappointed.

If you want to use the Jabra Active for workouts then these will be better than cheaper earphones.  The ear hooks will keep them in place.  But beware, expect your ears to feel pain after a short period of time (I begun feeling pain within 30 minutes of use).

In my opinion these earphones will do well for short workouts, but I don't think you can use these for at-home enjoyment.  Although there are several useful features... I think there are better earphones that can fulfill the sport + enjoyment needs.

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Published: Aug 16, 2013

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