Head-Trip Twistz Sport Earphones - Box Contents and Images

I have been looking for a good set of earphones with "ear hooks."  The Bose MIE2i have these hooks which help keep the earphones in place, and they also just "sit" on the bowl of the ear.  I hate "in-ear" buds as they are uncomfortable.  The Twistz, by Head Trip/NXG Technology, do sit on the bowl of the ear, but they do not have a normal "ear hook" as seen in the Bose MIE2i and the Jabra Active.

When I stumbled into the Twistz the first thing that I noticed were the visual side, which look quite good.  Then I saw the good review rating on Amazon, quite high.  And then to my dismay I saw the shockinly low price of $5.  Based on my experience low priced earphones are of subpar audio quality, so I had my doubts of buying a set.  But after the low comfort of the Jabra Active I felt that the I had to give the Twistz a chance.  More info and images below.


Back of the box.

This image shows how the earphones fit in the ears.

The packaging is simple, but there are more goodies inside the case.

Look at all of the contents!  There is a case, several "locking blades", earphones, extension cable, cable clip, 

Although the earphones look a bit big they fit quite easily.  The blades are somewhat soft, but the material (where the R and L letters are written) that makes contact with your ears is quite hard. Surprisingly the materials are not as uncomfortable, maybe due to their well crafted shape.  Also, the cables are not that regular, they are covered in polycloth (which may prolong their lifespan).

Overall the Twistz are as loud as the Jabra Active, but the audio quality seems to be better.  If I were to describe the audio quality... it would be between the Jabra Active and Bose MIE2i.  The Twistz will be great for acoustic and rock music, as well as vocals.  They do not provide as good bass as the Bose MIE2i, but they are better than the Jabra Sport.

If you use the Twistz for workouts you will be quite satisifed.  The locking-blades keep the earphones in place.  The earphones are more comfortable than what the Jabra Active offers, but it's still not as good as the Bose MIE2i.  The shape of the Twistz begun causing pain after two hours of use.

In my opinion these earphones will do well for short and long workouts.  Of course, if you are are a marathon runner I would still recommend the far more expensive Bose products.  You could use the Twistz for at-home music enjoyment, but it won't be as satisfactory as the Bose MIE2i.

Although the earphones lack features, such as microphone, controls, and volume sliders, the Twistz do well considering the price.  I am more satisfied with the Twistz when comparing it against the Jabra Active.  Not bad for $5.

But, the Head-Trip Twistz are still not quite what I'm looking for.  I wish they had deeper bass, and softer materials.  But for now, they will replace my Bose MIE2i.

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Published: Aug 16, 2013


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