Wacom DTU-1031 - Improve Digitizer Pen Reaction

Gear: Wacom DTU-1031, Wacom Tablets.

The DTU-1031's pen re-activeness is usually good enough, meaning that there will not be a big gap between the ink and the tip of the digitizer.  However, if you load many CPU intensive programs then you may notice a slower reaction.  One way of improving the performance is by adjusting the double click time.  Also, you can adjust the pressure sensitivity levels to make it easier for you.

How to improve pen reaction:
  • Hit the Win key and type "Wacom Tablet Properties".
  • Under "Tip Double Click Distance" adjust the slider toward the off position.
    • I have my settings on the off position, but you can just lower it.
  • Also, adjust the "Tip Feel" so it's a bit softer.
  • Enjoy the new feel and reaction of the digitizer!

Turning the double click slider to off does NOT mean that you cannot double click.  You can still double click, but you must do so in a faster way..  Hopefully this video and info are useful to you.

Published: Jun 2, 2013

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