CM Storm Skorpion - Mouse Bungee Box Contents & Images

Gear: Tt eSPORTS Galeru, Razer Mouse Bungee, CM Storm Skorpion, ROCCAT Apuri, Logitech G700.

I have some experience with the company Cooler Master.  They are the makers of PC cooling and gaming accessories.  I have used their Cooler Master Notepal Ergostand for many years on the Lenovo ThinkPad X201T, X220T, and X230T systems.  Now, Cooler Master and CM Storm are different, the Storm focuses exclusively on "cool" gaming accessories.  The Skorpion is their current mouse bungee.  More info below.


Right side of the box.

Back of the box.

Left side of the box.

Bottom side of the box.

Box contents.

One interesting looking mouse bungee.  The unit does have some weight to it, which helps keep it stable.

The bungee comes off the base which helps portability, and the legs can be removed.  However, I wish that the legs would collapse/fold inwards.

The bottom of the unit.  The three legs have small surfaces which affect the unit's stability.

The bungee is made of thick but flexible rubber.  The bungee is sturdier than other mouse bungees and I believe the material will have a longer lifespan.

The bungee top has a gap, so the cable makes contact only in two spots, see below.

The bungee top rail accommodates thin, medium, and thick cables.  This is very good design. 

The cable of my Logitech G700 fits perfectly.

In my opinon the CM Storm Skorpion is one of the better mouse bungees.  It will definitely do well when I conduct the mouse bungee comparison.

Note: The legs do come off.  I oversaw this feature and was advised of my mistake.

Published: Jun 27, 2013

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