Yiynova DP10HD - Some Thoughts

Gear: Yiynova DP10HD, Lenovo ThinkPad X230T, Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421, Wacom DTU-1031, The Panda City Tablets, Wacom Tablets.

Last week I used the DP10HD extensively.  For the most part I used it as an external display, and in that regard it worked well.  As a tablet I used it minimally, but I did explore most of what the system had to offer.  This morning I setup to film some videos, but the tablet wouldn't work.  I tried different cables and display drivers, but to no avail the tablet would not work.  I'm unsure whether this malfunction is an isolated case or not, but I presume that the USB port might have been twisted and therefore there is no proper connection.  The system will be shipped back to the store.  My thoughts are on the video above and in the text below.

  • Humming
    • The system may initiall hum for a few minutes, and then the humming will diminish.  This could be annoying to people who work in quiet places.
  • Build Quality
    • Plastic bezel and buttons make the DP10HD seem cheap.
    • The flimsy looking metal stand is actually very functional.  You can have the display at a comfortable angle, or move it you can use the tablet features.
    • The USB port may be fragile (this might have been the culprit of my dead DP10HD).  If you get this system I would recommend trying to restrain the cable's movement at the port's location.
  • Display
    • The screen is a wide aspect ratio 10.1 inch at a resolution of 1366x768.  The aspect ratio is great for videos.  The resolution in the small screen means that the pixel density is quite small, therefore degraded eyes may not enjoy this screen, but young fellows with good eyes will.  If you are looking for an external monitor with higher pixel density then I would recommend a Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421.
    • Text in documents look crisp, and images and videos look great on the colorful and bright LED screen.
    • Gray colors may be weak.  For example, form gray boxes may not be strongly presented, and therefore you could miss them.
    • I did not notice a "gray" layer on the display.  The gray layer can be observed in many Wacom systems.
  • Digitizer
    • The digitizer resembles N-Trig technology.  There is no eraser, uses a small battery, has side buttons, offers pressure sensitivity and replaceable tips.
    • The tip has 1024 pressure levels.  The pen may feel "hard" at first, but you can get used it.  Also, there are settings which you can tweak to make it a better experience.
    • The "switch" of the digitizer's tip could deter handwriting and math activities.  Due to the constant on/off positions the user may "miss" putting enough pressure to activate the digitizer.  Wacom based systems would be better for math and handwriting activities.  The pen may be better suited for artists that draw longer lines.
  • Tablet + Tablet
    • Even though the X230T is Wacom based, and the DP10HD is ??? N-Trig like, the systems will work. The DP10HD would use its own digitizer and so would the X230T.
  • Display Modes
    • When you press Win+P to for the various display modes (clone/extend/projector only) you need to configure the right display for the DP10HD's digitizer.  You can do this via the included software ("mousepad" looking icon on the Notification area of the taskbar).

As the system is "dead" I could not create the videos that I wanted.  But please check the Box Contents and Images post for more details.  Quite recently I ordered a Wacom DTU-1031 (released April 30, 2013), and I wanted to do proper comparisons... but I will not be able to do so.  Overall I feel that the DP10HD is a better external display than a tablet, but it's a good attempt against the more expensive and established Wacom tablets.

Consider the following videos:

Published: May 2, 2013

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