Prodibox - Now Dead

A while ago I feared that Google would mark the JBA blog as a "spam" blog.  In order to protect this blog I created an alternative blog called Prodibox.  This later blog would serve as the main monetary income source for the JBA blog.  In essence, the JBA would not be "over spammy" and that role would be transferred to Prodibox.  In a way, I was right about the idea of reducing commercialization on JBA... but I should not have used Google's blogger for Prodibox.  As you can see on the above image, Google has the power to shut down a blog completely.  Google chose to not only mark the blog as spam, but also chose to delete it from existence.  All of the effort spent in creating Prodibox is now gone.  Here are my initial reasons for Prodibox.

When I noticed that Google had eliminated Prodibox almost all monetization of this blog stopped.  In order to remedy this situation I did the following:

  • Programmed software that would create folders with rerouting HTML files.
  • Downloaded the JBA blog in Atom's XML.
  • Used Notepad++ to find all urls in the Atom XML and manually changed all of them to the new rerouting HTML files.
    • urls were in the range of a few thousand mentions.
  • Used Filezilla to upload all rerouting HTML files to a new server.
  • Once the Atom XML was free from urls, the same XML file had to be uploaded to a temporary blog called
  • jbatemp posts were switched to drafts.
  • Since I could not automate amending JBA blog posts, I had to replace each post manually with the ones in the jbatemp.
  • After three days of hard work, and zero socialization, the entire JBA blog was free from urls.  
In a way the change to the new rerouting HTML files is a good move, and in another way a bad move.  Prodibox was meant to be a hub of information regarding products; the site had home page, PDFs, and commercial links.  In essence it had additional information that people may have wanted to access.  The new rerouting HTML files only move people to commercial or official product pages, which doesn't really provide a great service.  The advantage of the new rerouting HTML files is that it's much more direct, and therefore it increases the possibility of commissions.

The X230T, Yiynova DP10HD, and the Logitech G700 were great tools to use during the transition.

Published: Apr 30, 2013

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