Crucial M4 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) With Cloning Kit

Gear: Crucial M4 SSD with Transfer Kit.

Throughout several years I have bought and sold a few solid state drives. Some experiences were good, while others were terrible. By far, the worst experience was the OCZ Vertex 3. The good experiences include Samsung 830, and Intel X25M,and now the Crucial M4.  Unlike the previous SSD upgrades, this one was the easiest and fastest; the main reason for the ease was the inclusion of the cloning kit.

If the SSD is not recognized by the cloning software, you may have to format the drive.  This process is normal of solid state drives and hard disk drives.  I went over some of these details when I installed a 1TB hard drive on my UltraBase Series 3.  Just search on the internet for "format disk drive on."  Once formatted, the drive should be recognized by Windows explorer and the cloning software.

The cloning software is very friendly, just follow along with the wizard and within a few hours your M4 should be cloned. When the cloning process ends, just shutdown your PC/laptop, and replace the existing drive with this new one. It's way easy.

Currently I'm using the M4 with my HP Pavilion DV6T QE.  Everything has improved on this laptop: boot times are fast, programs open quickly, and loading files is super fast.  Overall I'm very happy with the results, and that cloning kit saved me a lot of hassle.


The back of the box.

Two boxes within: one is the SSD, the other is the cloning kit.

Inside the box of the SSD.

Looks good: like many SSDs there are screw holes on the top and the sides.

Details on the SSD.

The inside of the cloning kit box.

The box contents: SSD, Apricorn data transfer cable (sata to usb), and cloning software.

Published: Mar 3, 2013

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