Braven 650 and Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum - Battery Life

Gear: Soundmatters foxLv2 Platinum, Braven 650, Apt-X devices.

Advertised battery life:
foxLv2 Platinum: 12 to 20 hours  through audio cable, Bluetooth Off.
Braven 650: up to 20 hours through wireless, Bluetooth On.

The foxLv2 allows you to turn on/off Bluetooth, which may be an advantage on Test 1.

Test settings:
  • PC: 50% volume
  • Braven and foxLv2: approx. 83% volume (5 clicks from top)
  • Each speaker is charged to 100% battery life.

Test 1 (wired)
  • foxLv2 P Bluetooth Off.
  • Braven Bluetooth On (I assume).
  • Results
    • foxLv2 P: About 10 hrs 30 minutes of playable music, afterwards it makes "thumping" noises for 30 minutes, and then the battery dies.
    • Braven 650:  About 36 hours!!!

25 hrs difference!

Advertised Charge Times

foxLv2 P: ~1 hour on 5V AC adapter, ~4 hours through USB.
Braven 650: 2-4 hours.

Other Notes

If the foxLv2 P's battery is less than 10% the loudness decreases. If the foxLv2 P is wireless, and does not connect to a Bluetooth device within 2 and a half minutes, it will turn itself off.

If the Braven 650 is wireless, and does not connect to a Bluetooth device within 30 minutes, it will turn itself off.

Published: Feb 23, 2013

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