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This post has contents of the old "Info" page.  What I wrote a long time ago can still be used by those aspiring to do online blogging.  The reason I moved the page is because I'm changing some of the focus of the blog.  The new Info page is very different.

The following has a compilation of my observations through a few years of blogging, chronic internet use, and life in general.

Things I have learned through blogging/internet:
  • Google is the new Gate Keeper
    • They can make you, or eliminate you from existence.
    • They are the king of text, images, and video.
    • If you are an internet user you work for Google (you buy, sell, and consume advertisements).
      • Whether you like it or not.
      • Google cannot fail unless they do something really stupid, or another company can beat Google at their search game.
  • What blogs are
    • Websites that provide information about single or multiple topics.
    • Generally have advertisements and their purpose is to create enough money to continue the blog's life.
    • Some famous sites repost content from someone else (like Gizmodo does).  It can be worth doing, but end up with tons of repeated "crap".
    • Creating original content is much harder than re-posting, and is not as "fast".  It may seem that a blog with that approach will take a lot more for it to "make it".  Of course there are techniques described below that can speed up the process.
    • We all like "compilation" sites like digg, reddit, popurls, engadget.  A pile of quick information that unless automated or ran by volunteers/employees will create day to day suicide thinking (or at least very bad headaches).  A single person doing "compilation" sites would probably not last (I tried on several now failed projects)
  • Problems are the key
    • If there were no problems we would eliminate most things we "must" do.
      • Find problems in forums, comments, or any place possible.
      • The No. 1 thing found in tech company forums are people bitching about problems.
      • Come up with solutions and make the post/article that solve problems.  Usually companies want you to do this stuff for "free" at their forums, but that is pure charity that will never gain you anything in life other than a "thanks".
      • Most of the time it is not about what you want, it's about what other people want.
        • This is the basic rule of almost all products and services.
    • Don't ever fully solve a problem or induce the problem (evil tactic).
      • If you were "fit" do you need the gym?  The answer is no.  If you owned a gym you should give people coupons for "healthy" food that now needs to get burned at the gym. This way you ensure customers return to your gym and your gym business can continue to exist.
      • If the iPad is the perfect tablet then why is there an iPad 2?  Because the iPad 2 is "better".   Then one day there will be iPad 3, 4, 5, etc.  It is a never ending cycle of "out with old, in with the new".  "Cyclical consumption" is the proper term.
      • By solving a problem completely you may end a revenue stream.  The key to continued income streams is to create dependency/constant need/slavery.  Basically a subscription based system where the user always has to give $ to get product.  (like Netflix, and medical prescriptions)
    • Dramatic/strong impression stuff always gets inside people's brains.
      • Is your favorite music, tv show, or book "plain" and boring?  Probably not.  The media that makes the most impact in your life has gotten itself stuck in your head.  This is why you can sing a catchy song after listening to it a few minutes, or at least remember the chorus part.
      • Everyone knows "someone" that made a long lasting impression. (ie celebrities, and yes youtube ones count).  They own a piece of your brain from now on (think Rebecca Black's - Friday, or that Rick Astley guy with the Rick Roll'd pranks).  If you are in the "entertainment" industry you should try to own a piece of someone else's brain.
    • Give and you will always get back.  Giving something useful is always going to get returns.  Although sometimes that takes a lot of time.
    • You are probably here because I created something somewhere that hopefully answered your question.
    • Dominate Search Engines With Your Content
      • 1st place in "titles" always holds the advantage.
        • I was among the first to post about the iPod Nano 6G "for running" and therefore ranked high.  (google results).  Did I "deserve" it?  probably not, but I took it before anyone else could do that.
        • Great post "titles" will be better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.  If you don't take those titles someone will.
        • One of the few reasons you stumbled on to this site is probably because I created content with the right title.
          • My name "Jesse B Andersen" by itself means nothing to you.
          • "Product Name" + "Jesse B Andersen" still doesn't mean much, but the product does.
          • Enough "Jesse B Andersen" mentions begins to have some meaning.
          • Eventually people begin searching for "Jesse B Andersen" on Google and Youtube just to see what the new gadget is.
          • It can take months and years to build brand name if you are alone and not featured in some major blog, tv show. If you have the right talent and the correct friends you can build brand name in days just like Greyson Michael Chance in Ellen, or how people go on tv shows to advertise their books, music, movies, etc.  Of course my content is more "educational" and therefore it cannot make "buzz" in the same way.
      • Do not just do a text based review.  There are plenty of people around the world doing this.  Sometimes smart programmers can auto generate or copy text reviews.  I would recommend going for a combination of text, images, and video.
        • Video and images allow you to dominate less populated search engines (think Bing images, and video search like YouTube)
      • Monopoly of information is easier than competing.
        • If there are 1,000 reviews of system X how many chances are there that people will find your review?  Extremely low.
        • If there is 1 video about system X what are the chances of people finding that video?  Very high. (example youtube).  Once people find your content the view count will increase and that will set you as No. 1 for a long time.
        • The more "exclusive" the content the more value it has.  This is why doing reviews for already popular devices is wasting time and effort.  The reason tech blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo do so well is because of the exclusivity for that initial amount of time.
        • If you have something that no one else has Google will find your content, and when it does everyone searching for that content will come to your blog/site.
      • Your content does NOT have to be "the best".
        • If you are first to the market then you only need to be "good enough".
        • There is no such thing as best or perfection.  You can get close and make things seem that way through the right techniques (for some reason models from Maxim magazine come to mind ).
        • If you are entering a cluttered market then you really have to deliver higher quality, which consumes more time and effort from you.
          • A clear example of this is the tremendous amount of people wanting to become photographers.  The digital tech helped give you an opportunity to easily take pictures, which in turn devalued the price of most images because there are now huge amounts of the same stuff.
          • Music is another example.  The only way to stand out is not by making quantity, but very high quality, or invent a new genre of music.  Inventing a new genre is grabbing what already exist and blend it with another genre.  (ie pop + electro = electropop).  Name the genere something else if you want to "claim" that you "invented" something new.
      • The business of YouTube is won by volume count.
        • Emotional videos are the most effective in creating repeated views (view top YouTube videos).  Most emotional videos may be a bit stupid, and therefore of low "real" value.  However, money in adsense does not discriminate things that benefit the mind from those that burn brain cells.  (hahaha)
    • Your DNA
      • You are who you are and it is better that way.
        • You should still try to learn and become better, do not be lazy.
      • Speak what truly is in your mind because it saves you from having to remember a fake story.
        • What you like is not what someone else might like.  It is good to be honest right from the start to avoid conflict.  People will like you or hate you, but we can always appreciate honesty.
      • You always suck at first.  The quicker you fail and learn the faster you will become "good".
        • Improving and having real changes is usually a long process.
        • Sometimes... if you are terrible at something and notice very little to no improvement it may be time to move on to something else.  Do not waste time, you are not immortal and there is nothing more than wasted life.  (Intro on Strengths Finder 2 is a good read)
      • There is always another day tomorrow.
        • Today may have been terrible, do not let it bring you down.  Always be positive about tomorrow.
      • Finding your "passion" can be tough as hell, it may be better to notice the things you enjoy and stick within that genre.  (sorry Gary Vaynerchuk)
      • Take breaks
        • Everyone gets tired of doing something that requires day to day repetition.
        • For your sanity it is good to "unplug" and recharge your motivation batteries.
      • Selling stuff
        • It is extremely hard to be honest and sell a bad product, so make sure you sell good stuff!  This is linked to the "enthusiasm" level that you show.  Your customers can sense if you like what you are selling, and then decide if the product is a good buy.  Sales people sometimes fake their happiness level in order to try to portray enthusiasm to the customer, it works sometimes.
        • If you get stuff for "free" it is hard to point the bad things about a product/thing in fear of saying something that guarantees that company X will not send you more products.
        • Yes I have Amazon affiliate and Google adsense advertisements on this website.  I feel that if the blog has something of value and someone wants to return the favor they can buy things through the links and give me a commission.  The blog posts that I create about electronics cost me money.  But I do it for the experience and to share that experience with others.
      • Embarrassing You
        • Everyone has something that causes us to feel embarrassed.
        • Doing things we are not "proud of" or that society thinks is not "correct behavior" creates the feeling of being embarrassed.
        • Getting over your insecurities frees you from your "self given slavery" and allows your true potential to come out.  (Similar to how Neo gets super powers in The Matrix, hahaha)
      • It is easy to critique others.
        • Once you critique you can also be critiqued.
        • Learn to be considerate of other people's feelings and learn to approach them without offending them.  (Dale Carnegie's book is very good)
        • Be smart about your comments, your future job employer might be reading what you have said about them.
        • Creating "stuff" is hard, talking about other people's "stuff" is easy.  What is easy usually has very little value.
    • Feedback
      • Ignore haters
        • Haters love to run their mouths like a little boy wanting something from their mothers at the grocery store.  If you think too much of what they say it can have a big negative impact on your brain and thought process.
        • Do not waste your time replying to flaming comments. (ie do not add gasoline to a wild fire).
        • If there are good points made by a hater make sure you learn from them to improve yourself and your product/service.
        • Haters are usually inconsiderate people that lack enough emotional thought process.  Like the bully who has never felt what bullying feels like.  Watch out for the online headset wearer that cannot express himself without swearing. hahaha
      • Always take suggestions.
        • We all have shortcomings, critics are one way of improving your shortfalls.
        • It is always about what others want, be the one that provides the info.
        • They can give you ideas on what to do next.
      • Give credit
        • If you grab someone's idea please do not steal it all.  Someone will do the same with you. They will grab your content and repost it somewhere else without giving you any credit.  So lets start by giving credit where credit is due.
      • Comments and emails
        • Some emails/comments are worth replying to, some are not.
        • Every time that you do anything it takes time from you, the more educated the answer the more time you spend on them, and the older you get.  If something is not worth replying to then do not waste time.
        • As much as the human race has improved with technology and science we are at our core emotional beings.
          • It sucks to be ignored and you would not want that for yourself either.
          • Ignoring someone gives you the same results back, you will now be the ignored.  Ignoring is useful to break relationships, be enthusiastic with those that you want to create stronger bonds.
        • Caring is something that is great virtue.
          • Everyone loves to feel important and acknowledged.  Being acknowledged makes us feel that we are worth something.
          • Everyone has problems and at times life just sucks.  But there is always someone out there that cares, be that person.  Extend a hand where you can.  Heaven points = winning!
    • Technology is just a tiny fraction of this whole crazy thing called life.  Once you have the tech toys you need/want then move on to something that is even more fun.

        There are a few billion people in this world, everyone has something to offer, I am just doing it through the internet.  Hopefully you can find something of value within the contents of the blog; a tiny world created by me.

        If you are looking for a "get rich quick method" check my post titled "Automatic 'free' Internet Money - 'Social' Apps and Websites".

        Published: Jan 3, 2013

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