HeartMath emWave2 - Watching Demo Scenes

Gear: emWave2.

Previously I showed two initial sessions with the emWave2.  Based on the earlier sessions I can observe that concentration is possible when free of distractions.  Of course, things change when you add visual and audio stimulation.

The chart above shows my state while watching a demo scene called Distorted Memories.  Throughout the entire session I tried to focus on breathing to get good scores, and that was achievable. For 3 of the 4 minutes I remained in what HeartMath calls a high coherence state.  A large majority of this demo features "abstract" art and it's quite pleasing; therefore it's likely that I was able to more easily concentrate.  The second demo gave me very different results.

Andromeda Software Development's Lifeforce is a longer demo, and it has many different intriguing recognizable objects.  I only managed to get 96 seconds out of 8 minutes in a high coherence state.  I believe the recognizable objects played a role these results.

Both these two sessions show a more aggressive up/down HRV.  Although the charts and the playtime are not 100% aligned (the charts are ahead 5-10 seconds) the "spikes" and "drops" can be linked to whatever was being shown/heard on the demo scenes.

While these demo scenes provide visual and auditory stimuli they are not necessarily the "proper" thing to measure.  Daily tasks are more important to track, and even more so when we are not thinking that they are being tracked.  In a way it's good to investigate "our natural state."  The next post will show you the pattern given when conducting blogging.

Published: Jan 12, 2013

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