HeartMath emWave2 - Two Inital Sessions

Gear: emWave2

These are the results of the first two 13 minute sessions with my emWave2.  The first session I used only the handheld device, and managed to get 98 continuous seconds in high coherence.  Somehow that first session was in "Challenge Level: 2", presumably I could have received better scores if done in Level 1.  The second session showed several improvements.

The second session was in "Challenge Level: 1" and showed several improvements: hear rate dropped to 74, and I managed to get 10 out of 13 minutes in a continuous high coherence state.

During the second session there was an interesting response from my body: from my face down to my shoulders I began to feel a "tingling" sensation.   It was not an unpleasant "tingling" like when a leg "sleeps," but it was a fairly pleasant tingling.  I'm not sure what it indicates, but it may be related to the deeper and more controlled breathing.

The next post will have an example of what happens when I'm watching some videos on YouTube.

Published: Jan 12, 2013

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