HeartMath emWave2 - Writing/Blogging

Gear: emWave2.

The Initial session showed me trying to concentrate with minimal distractions.  The Watching session showed my state with visual/audio stimuli.  This time I did not focus on concentrating/breathing, and instead I simply tracked my activity while writing a blog post (the Gunnar Optiks one).  I thought this would be an "easy" session and show good results, but the chart below shows sharper lines than the previous sessions.

Because I'm not "attempting" to focus the way HeartMath wants me to, and because I'm purely "tracking" my natural blogging state, the HRV lines are not "smooth."  Of the 20 minute session I was only able to get 27 seconds of a continuous high coherence state.  My heart rate rose from 76.5 averages of the previous sessions to 81.  As it seems, the thinking and typing of blogging adds more "stress" to my body.  While the heart rate doesn't shock me, the lack of "smoothness" in the HRV charts definitely do.  I presume these sharp looking lines allow me to see that my breathing was not consistent, therefore causing variance in the heart rhythm.

The low coherence (red) increased to 55%, where before I managed to better high coherence (green).  The question now is... can I truly control my coherence level and improve performance?  On the next post I will show you the results of playing an online video game.

Published: Jan 12, 2013

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