HeartMath emWave2 - Box Contents & Images

Gear: HeartMath emWave2.

The HeartMath emWave2 is a health related device to help you practice awareness.  This awareness helps you deal with stress, anxiety, and other reactionary states.  In concept, by being aware of your own state you should be able to increase some types of performance.  The type of performance that will have the most drastic effect will be mental, but because of the training you should also be in more control of things like breathing and your heart rate.

Here are the box contents and some high quality images:

Back of the box.

Cover of the box opened.

The claimed benefits of the emWave2.

More information on the emWave2 device.

Inside the box.

The box contents: Software, documentation, USB cable, Ear sensor, and emWave2 unit.

Quick Start Guide.

Elements of the emWave2.

Display state when you turn the device on.

The three coherence levels: red is low/normal, blue is medium/improved, and green is high/optimal.

The indicator lights when you are running a session.

The practice plan pamphlet.

The CD with the software.

The USB cable(Mini, and Full sides).

The ear sensor cable.

A clip on the ear sensor cable.

The ear sensor (you can view some of the electronics on both sides)

The emWave2 unit.

Front side.

Right side.

Back side.

Left side: mini USB, and ear sensor port.

Bottom side.

Two hours to fully charge the device.

When I have some free time I'll start posting more information on the emWave2.

Note: Images taken with the Canon EOS 60D.

Published: Jan 12, 2013

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