The Purpose Behind ProdiBox (DEAD PROJECT - Google killed it)

The JBA blog is going through some changes, and at the same time I'm creating a second website called Product Information Box (ProdiBox for short). The purpose of ProdiBox is to hold small amounts of information regarding products, but even more important is that it will hold a monetization link. Without monetization this blog cannot exist, as it pays for expenses.


Affiliate links within JBA posts.
Every post that has an affiliate link may need to be updated, and because the links are scattered throughout it's very hard to update.

Read right to left.

Amazon does not care.
I love the Amazon affiliate/associate system.  It allows me to link to exact products and even search pages.  Although the commissions are low when compared to other programs, it's by far the most friendly.   The problem is that Amazon does not care enough about their associates, and because often times idiots attain power in governments, Amazon may drop entire states to avoid taxes.  If Amazon wanted to drop me or the state where I reside, then there's nothing I can do.


All JBA posts that link to products will be routed to ProdiBox. From ProdiBox I can have a specific or multiple affiliate programs, which helps me safeguard blog revenue.

Different posts may link to similar items, so it's better to have a single commercial link.

Another advantage of ProdiBox is that I can easily modify links, if Amazon drops me then I can switch to another affiliate system quite easily.

One last advantage of ProdiBox is that if if I choose to launch other blogs/websites then I can route traffic in a similar fashion. Thus, saving me a lot of time if a commercial link becomes broken and needs to be fixed.

If you ever do blogging and use affiliate links then I would highly consider thinking a proper strategy, especially if you point to specific product pages.

Published: Dec 7, 2012

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