Miccus BluBridge Mini-jack RX Bluetooth Music Receiver

Gear: Miccus BluBridge Mini-jack RX.

This is a Bluetooth receiver, which I got for my vehicle. Originally I begun using it with a Samsung Galaxy Player, but lately I have been using it with the iPod Nano 7G.

My only complaint with the device is that you must manually turn it on. A better behavior would be to automatically turn on when I start my vehicle.

Like many Bluetooth devices the audio quality is good.  Of course this is NOT as good as a receiver with Apt-X technology.

The box contents.

USB cable charges the device.

Male to male 3.5 mm stereo.  This is what I normally use in my car.

3.5 mm to RCA cable.  This can be used with home stereos.

3.5 mm male to male cable.

Top side of the unit.  Press and hold the button to pair your Bluetooth devices.

Size comparison.

The 3.5 mm port.

USB port for charging.

The back of the unit.

The button has a light which shows if there's a paired device.  Red means that there isn't a device paired.

The blue color indicates that a device has been paired.

I use a USB charger in my car to keep the device on.

Published: Dec 27, 2012

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