Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet - Lenovo SimpleTap 3.2

Gear: SimpleTap

SimpleTap is a program that Lenovo has shipped with several systems. I recall using it with the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T. The program has evolved and its now on its 3.2 version. SimpleTap is now an app launcher, app store, and a system manager.

Ways to access SimpleTapt:
  • Use the SimpleTap red button (it can be enabled/disabled, and moved around).
  • Hit the Win key and type "SimpleTap".
  • Do a 2 finger double tap gesture (it doesn't work if some programs have the "focus")

SimpleTap uses what they call "workspaces" and they are panels that hold "tiles". You can add and delete workspaces, and view several of them at once.

These are the icon shortcuts. You can add, edit, and delete them. Each tile can be set to open a file, program, or website. There are some management tiles that have additional features. Of course you can move the tiles around, play with their little physics, and automatically arrange them.

Don't expect many finger friendly touch apps, almost everything in the app store is classic Windows programs. There are plenty of antivirus software in there.

Lenovo Apps in SimpleTap
There is a Music and Video player app, but they are hideous. The apps just list the files, and when you try to play them they open an external program (such as Windows Media Center). Frankly I'm dissapointed after seeing a good attempt by Samsung with their Series 7 Slate.

System Management
There are a few "system management" tiles in SimpleTap, and they are probably the most useful side of SimpleTap. Things like changing the screen brightness and volume levels are useful things to have.

Windows Mobility Center
This is an alternative to SimpleTap, at least for system management. I'll go over it in more detail on the following video.

Check the Samsung Touch Launcher and then judge which one you like more.


Published: Aug 31, 2012

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