PC GRAW 2 - Mission 07 - Get Me Rosen (Hardcore)

Alt video. Gear: GRAW2

This is a silent operation. We have to get Lt. Rosen and destroy a downed friendly helicopter. While this mission is easy when playing on other difficulty settings, it is very hard in Hardcore difficulty. All it takes to "mess it up" is a tiny mistake.

The Alarm
There is an alarm that can be easily accessed by the enemy. If the enemy notices that you are present they can easily activate it. The key to this mission is to take down the soldier right next to the alarm, and set security to eliminate any enemy trying to activate the alarm.

Make sure that you do not eliminate the guard on the second level, killing him makes the alarm soldier active.

Once you have set a Ghost to watch the alarm, you can go to the back of the complex and begin eliminating enemy silently.

Enemy pop
Some soldiers are not present until you get close to the complex. Areas that you thought were cleared, may not have enemy soldiers. You will have to re-clear the area.

Special Achievements
Yes you can get all special achievements.

This mission is a bit long and a bit boring, but the next mission is really action packed.


Published: Jun 15, 2012

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